1500pcs Egg Tray Machine Will Be Installed In Sudan

Good news! Beston 1500pcs egg tray making machine will be installed in Sudan. A few days ago, we have already shipped the whole egg tray production line to Sudan. See the delivery pictures:

Egg Tray Machine Shipped To Sudan
Egg Tray Machine Shipped To Sudan
Egg Tray Machine Will Be Installed in Sudan
Egg Tray Machine Will Be Installed in Sudan

At present, Beston team have confirmed the installment service with customer in advance. Meanwhile, we have arranged the installing engineer well. The engineer will fly to Sudan when customer receive paper tray forming machine. The 1500pcs egg tray machine can make 1500pcs paper egg trays per hour. Brick egg tray drying line is suitable for its drying process. Therefore, it is convenient to prepare the required bricks.

In order to reduce the installment time, Beston would talk about all the installment details and prepared items with customer. You don’t need to worry about installment and training workers. Beston will do all for you.


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