Beston Group Invites You to Meet at MAPEX EXPO 2023

Beston Group will participate in Malaysia Palm Oil Expo this June. As an international exhibition, the event attracts participants from the global palm oil industry, including palm growers, processors, technology suppliers, government agencies, and more. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technologies for palm utilization, establish business contacts and explore new market opportunities. At the expo, Beston Group will introduce its biomass carbonization machine in details. If you want to know more about MAPEX EXPO and the carbonization machine, please read on.

Details of MAPEX EXPO

Exhibition name: Malaysia Palm Oil Expo 2023;
Exhibition date: 20th-21th June, 2023;
Exhibition time: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM;
Exhibition venue: Dewan Hakka Sandakan Jalan Tyng, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia;
Booth number: 108;
Date of customer exchange: Start on June 22, 2023;
Exhibited products: biomass carbonization machine;
Participants: Ally Wang, Nash Jia, Ivy Wu, Vivian, Mr. Xu, and Mr. Liu.

What Will Beston Group Show at MAPEX EXPO

In the exhibition, Beston Group will demonstrate the technological innovation of biochar production equipment, including the degree of automation, environmental protection performance, and energy-saving effect.

Moreover, detailed equipment data, such as charcoal production rate, energy consumption, continuous operation capability, etc., will be provided for customers’ reference.

In addition, Beston Group will show the equipment carbonization process through videos and process diagrams for customer reference.

What Can Biomass Carbonization Machine Do for Malaysia’s Palm Industry

Malaysia’s favorable land and climatic conditions have made palm plantation and palm oil production vital to its economy. Palm waste, including husks, kernels, pomace, and leaves, serves as an important resource in the palm industry. Therefore, combining with the situation of local palm plantation and utilization, Beston Group will show biochar machine at MAPEX EXPO. This equipment can effectively deal with palm waste, improve the utilization rate of palm resources, and expand the industrial chain.

Biochar Making Machine - Process Palm Kernel Shell

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

For those interested in sustainable biomass conversion and carbonization technology, the Malaysia Palm Oil Expo is an event not to be missed. Please mark your calendar and visit Beston Group’s booth at the Malaysia Palm Oil Expo. Looking forward to meeting you at the Malaysia Palm Oil Expo.


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