Beston Group Joint the CAEPI Organization!

Congratulations! Beston Group is becoming a member of the CAEPI organization. CAEPI is the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry. It was founded in 1984. It is a social organization, voluntarily consisting of environmental experts and registered groups engaged in the manufacture, services, R&D, and management in China. Currently, there are 2800 members in the CAEPI organization. CAEPI is the most authoritative environmental protection organization in China. All the related environmental protection enterprises want to be a member of it. Now, Beston Group gets a certificate from CAEPI on September 23, 2022. It is a very proud thing for Beston Group.
Certificates From CAEPI

Beston Group Co., Ltd. is the Environmental Protection Division of Henan Golee Holding Group, responsible for the promotion of resource regeneration solutions, equipment manufacturing, and project implementation in the global market. At present, we can supply waste plastic/tire/rubber recycling, oil sludge treatment, biomass recycling, sewage sludge management, and paper recycling solutions for all investors. We are glad to learn more related recycling innovation information from CAEPI. Hope that we progress together!

Thanks for the recognition of the CAEPI. In the future, Beston Group( would abide by the articles of association and the rules and regulations of the association. And we would implement the resolutions of the association. Meanwhile, we would take the responsibility to report the situation to the Association and provide relevant materials such as statistical surveys and information. It is our duty to complete the work entrusted by the association.


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