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Pyrolysis Plant Video – Plastic | Tyre | Rubber Pyrolyzing Process

Are you eager to see how fuel oil is made by a pyrolysis plant? Beston Company, as a professional manufacturer, has designed and made the 3D video for you. If you want to dispose of waste plastic, tyre, rubber, consider the Beston plant. Here, you can see the detailed pyrolyzing process. Beston Company supplies four models: BLJ-06, BLJ-10, BLJ-16, BLL-20 pyrolysis plants for sale for you. You can choose one according to your demand. Interested? Contact us now!

Charcoal Making Machine Video

Maybe you want to know how is charcoal made? If you want to start a business, you can see the Video made by Beston Company. All the details about the manufacturing processes are included. BST-J12, BST-J18, BST-J40, BST-05, BST-10, BST-20, BST-30 are the hot sales models, contact us right now! We also can customize the charcoal machines for you.

Egg Tray Making Machine Video

How to make paper egg trays? From the video, you can find the detailed egg tray making process. Welcome to see the video from Beston Company. Beston supplies 7 models egg tray machines: BTF1-3, BTF1-4, BTF3-4, BTF4-4, BTF4-8, BTF5-8, BTF6-8 for you to choose. Contact us to get the price list!

Pellet Making Machine Video

Pellet making machine is used to make pellets from biomass waste. BKL-10, BKL-20, BKL-25, BKL-30 pellet making machines are available for you to choose. Get what you need from Beston Company.

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