Biochar Production Equipment

Biochar production equipment is used to turn biomass waste into biochar. Under the condition of oxygen-free and high-temperature heating, we can get high quality biochar from kinds of biomass waste easily. Biochar production equipment for sale of Beston Company is designed to achieve the carbonization process. It is absolutely an excellent machine to dispose of biomass waste. If you are seeking for a machine to make biochar, welcome to find more information from the following product introduction.

BST-10 Biochar Production Equipmet In China
BST-10 Biochar Production Equipmet In China
BST-10 Running In Jiangsu Province, China
BST-10 Running In Jiangsu Province, China
Working Site in Jiangsu Province, China
Working Site in Jiangsu Province, China

Various Raw Materials to Make Biochar

1. Biomass: wood, bamboo, coconut shell, palm shell, sawdust, rice husks, olive shell, peanut shell, sugarcane bagasse…

2. Sewage sludge

As mentioned above, we know there are various raw materials to make biochar. Most of the raw materials are renewable resources. With the seasonal change, a new batch of biomass would be produced. Biomass waste is inexhaustible. Meanwhile, because of abundant carbon elements, kinds of biomass waste can be used to make biochar. Biomass waste is a valuable and eco-friendly resource. Therefore, we should make full utilization of the biomass waste. If you just burn biomass waste or dump them, it is a waste of resources. Turning biomass waste into biochar with biochar production equipment is a very profitable business.

Coconut Shell
Coconut Shell
Palm Shell
Palm Shell
Rice Husk
Rice Husk

Special Test Report of Charcoal From Different Raw Materials

As a professional biomass production equipment manufacturer, we have tested some different raw materials. As we all know, there are different data between different raw materials. Even, there are deviations between the same raw materials from different countries. In order to help you to get the related information, we list some of the test reports for you. Certainly, you need to know the data below is the reference for you. If you want to know more accurate information about your raw materials, welcome to contact us to send your sample. Then, we can do the test for you. Please feel free to tell us the raw materials that you want to process.

Wood Charcoal
Wood Charcoal

Rice Husk Charcoal
Rice Husk Charcoal
Coconut Shell Charcoal
Coconut Shell Charcoal
Item Wood Sawdust Rice Husk (Tianjin) Rice Husk (Henan) Coconut Shells (The Philippines) Municipal Sewage Sludge
Moisture (%) 6.84 5.12 6.09 9.1 1.02
Bound Waste (%) 4.51 2.59 3.58 4.19 0.66
Ash (%) 5.78 49.21 39.08 0.18 89.16
Volatile (%) 20.8 13.37 19.12 6.95 5.5
Fixed Carbon (%) 68.91 34.83 38.22 88.68 4.68
Sulfur (%) 0.08 0.17 0.12 0.09 0.77
Max Heat Value (kcal/kg) 6454 3396 3860 7277 706
Min Heat Value (kcal/kg) 6088 3127 3559 6724 566

Wide Applications of End Products From Biochar Production Equipment

Besides charcoal, we also can get wood vinegar, tar, biogas from the biomass treatment process. Then, you may wonder what are the applications of the end products. In fact, the end products have wide applications.  They can be used in daily life, agriculture, and industry. Because of their wide applications and high economic value, you can sell them directly. Then, you would get a high reward from the charcoal machine investement. We list some of the common applications for you below. If you are interested in the applications, see them now. Meanwhile, you can contact us to tell us what you want to do with the end products.

Wood Vinegar
Wood Vinegar
Charcoal Daily life Widely used as fuel in BBQ; Used as fuel in other areas.
Agriculture Attach heavy metal to improve the quality of the soil.
Industry Can be reprocessed into activated carbon.
Used for construction bricks with clay.
Widely used as fuel in industries such as steel and iron factories, ceramics, and so on.
Wood Vinegar Agriculture/Industry Anti-insect fungicide; Pesticide intermediates; Soil amendment.
Tar Industry Basic raw material for smelting bio-diesel.
Biogas Daily life Widely used as fuel.
Agriculture Greenhouse agricultural heating.
Industry Can be used as fuel; Can be used for drying; Can be used as a generator to get electricity.

Biochar Production Equipment For Sale – 7 Models

Beston Company supply seven models of biochar production equipment for you to choose. Among them, BST-J12, BST-J18, BST-J40 are the batch models. And BST-05, BST-10, BST-20, BST-30 are the continuous models. Here, we would like to share more specifications about the 7 models. They have different capacities, prices, occupied areas, etc. Then, you can pick out the suitable one on the basis of the specifications. Also, you can contact us to select the most appropriate biomass pyrolysis plant for your biochar production investment.

1. Batch Biochar Production Equipment – Small Capacity Machine

BST-J Batch Biochar Production Equipment
BST-J Batch Biochar Production Equipment

Batch biochar equipment is a small capacity machine that is designed for small-scale businesses. For the small charcoal making factories, it is the ideal machine.  It not only reduces the investment costs, but also satisfies the customers’ demands. Therefore, the batch charcoal machine is popular among small scale business projects. Here, we would like to share the features and advantages with you. Hope to help you to make a clear of it.

Features and advantages:

  • Small capacities: 12m³-40m³ per batch
  • Working method: batch
  • Small occupied area
  • Easy installation
  • Installation time: 7-10 workdays
  • Low investment cost
Batch Models BST-J12 BST-J18 BST-J40
Capacity 12m³ 18m³ 40m³
Working Method Batch
Description and Size Reactor Φ1900*4500 Φ1900*6600 Φ2800*7100
Casing 2260*3600 2260*5600 3200*7000
Cyclone Dust Removal system 1000*800*3500 1150*1000*3500 1460*1300*4080
Dust Removal Tower 1300*1300*4900 1800*1300*4900 1900*1900*5900
Land Field (Standard) 10*4.5*6m 10*4.5*6m 12*4.5*6m

2. Continuous Biochar Production Equipment – Large Capacity Machine

BST Continuous Biochar Production Equipment
BST Continuous Biochar Production Equipment

Continuos biochar production equipment is a large capacity machine that is fit for large-scale businesses. It can achieve fully continuous feeding and discharging. So, a continuous biochar machine has high performance and high efficiency. Continuous models are optional for large charcoal making factories. Here, you can see the features, advantages, and specifications to find the most fittable machine. Certainly, welcome to leave your message about it.

Features and advantages:

  • Large capacities: 500kg-3 tons per hour
  • Working method: continuous
  • Easy operation
  • Easy installation
  • Installation time: 20-45 workdays
  • Life span: 5-8 years
Model BST-05 BST-10 BST-30 BST-50
Capacity 0.3-0.5t/h 0.8-1t/h 2.5-3t/h 4.5-5t/h
Working Method Fully continuous
Raw Materials 1. All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo, etc.
2. Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge, etc.
3. Municipal solid waste, food waste.
Reactor Size Φ820mm Φ1000mm Φ1300mm Φ1700mm
Heating Materials Charcoal, wood, diesel, natural gas, LPG, biomass, etc.
Energy Consumption 45kw/h 65kw/h 90kw/h 125kw/h
Dimensions 28m*10m*6m 33m*13m*7m 40m*15m*8m 50m*16m*10m
Weight 28t 35t 45t 54t
Operating Pressure Slight negative pressure
Service life 5-8 years

High Evaluations From Beston Biochar Production Equipment Customers

Dear Beston Company, thanks for you. It’s glad to cooperate with you. We have a good communication. You always provide timely solutions for our project. You are so patient in introducing your product, your factory, and your technology. And, your equipment satisfies our demands. Thanks for your company again.
Client of Biochar Equipment in Brazil
Thanks for your company. We want to process sawdust into charcoal. During a consultation, you provide a detailed project schedule for us. You are so responsible and considerate. And, thanks to your engineer who guides us to install the whole biochar equipment. With the help of him, the installation was very smooth.
Stefan Mircevski
Client of Biochar Equipment in Ukraine
Thanks for your suggestions and perfect service. With your help, we bought BST-10 machine. It is a so amazing machine. During manufacturing and delivery, you tell us the progress in time. And, you share the pictures and videos with us. We are so happy to see your messages. Now, we get the BST-10 machine. Thanks.
Client of Biochar Equipment in Cameroon

Successful Cases Of Beston Biochar Production Equipment

Videos From Installation Sites

Delivery and Installation of Biochar Production Equipment

As a professional manufacturer, the biochar equipment of Beston Company has been exported to Turkey, Brazil, China, Mexico, Ukraine, Japan, Ukraine, Ghana, Spain, Australia, Malaysia, etc. If you are interested in the large scale biochar production, contact us now!

Country Brazil Ghana Turkey Mexico Malaysia Chile Spain Ukraine China
Model BST-10 BST-10 BST-20 BST-30 BST-30 BST-30 BST-30 BST-50 BST-50
Raw Materials Rice Husk Palm Kernel Sawdust Coconut Shell Palm Kernel Sawdust Pig Hair Sawdust Bamboo
Biochar Production Equipment to Japan
Biochar Production Equipment to Japan
BST-20 Biochar Production Equipment to Turkey
BST-20 Biochar Production Equipment to Turkey
BST-30 Biochar Production Equipment In Mexico
BST-30 Biochar Production Equipment In Mexico

Why Biochar Making Business Is Profitable and Feasible?

Biochar is charred biomass that is made out of sustainable natural resources or agricultural wastes such as rice hulls, rice straw, bagasse, corn stovers, coconut shell, palm shell, and many others. All investors pay attention to whether the charcoal making business is profitable or not. All investors want to make a high return from a project. As an experienced biochar production equipment manufacturer, we can tell you the biochar making business is absolutely profitable and feasible.

Biochar can be used in many fields. There is a large demand for biochar in the market. You just need to make sure of the quality of the charcoal. Then, lots of distributors would find you to buy charcoal in large quantities. Here, we would like to share some advantages of biochar with you. Then, you would understand that it is a profitable business.

Improve Soil Quality

Biochar, a kind of fertilizer, can be added to the soil. Therefore, we can use the biochar to restore and rehabilitate land that was once unsuitable for farming. Due to chemical use in farming, agricultural land is suffering from a degraded condition. Using natural biochar can improve soil fertility and increase the output of crops greatly.

Deal With Greenhouse Gases

Biochar can catch and eliminate the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Then, these unhealthy gases will be reserved in the soil for thousands of years. Biochar can improve the environment that we lived. It can be the saviour for fresh air.

Reduce Fertilizer Costs

Biochar is helpful for the remaining nutrients and water of soil. Therefore, with biochar, farmers don’t need to irrigate frequently. And, as a kind of fertilizer, it is very eco0friendly. In the long run, it can decrease the costs for farmers.

Above all, biochar has many advantages in many aspects. We just listed some of them. Through the analysis, we know that making biochar is necessary and beneficial. Hence, if you want to invest in the business, contact us to learn more about biochar production equipment for sale and the biochar production process now! You can rest assured to invest in the coconut shell charcoal machine project.

Used As Fertilizer
Used As Fertilizer
Used As Fuel For BBQ
Used As Fuel For BBQ

Profit Analysis of BST-10 Biochar Production Equipment

Please note that: Data is from the Chinese market. And it is just for your reference. In different countries, the production cost is different. And the price of charcoal, tar, wood vinegar is also different. Therefore, welcome to contact us to share some production costs in your country. Then, we would make the most accurate wood to charcoal machine project analysis for you.

Economic Analysis Report For BST-10 Commercial Biochar Production Plant
Land for Machine 20*12*6
Daily Running Cost
Item cost per unit(usd) Total
Material(Ton) 24 ton 80 1920 USD
Fuel 50 m3 Natural gas 0.45 22.5 USD
Water 1.5 ton water 0.6 0.9
Power 35 kw 0.09 3.15 USD
Labors 5 workers 30 150 USD
Maintenance 10 20 USD
Depreciation 10 20 USD
Tax Free from tax for Environmental Protection Project 0 USD
Other Expenses 10 USD
Total Cost: 2146.55 USD
Daily Gross Profit
Charcoal (BBQ) 8 tons/day 680 5440 USD
Tar oil 0.2 tons/day
Wood vinegar 0.5 tons/day
Total Gross Profit 5440 USD
Pure Profit
Daily Profit: 3293.45 USD
Monthly (25 working days) 82336.25 USD
Annual (10 Months) 823362.5 USD
Biochar Production Equipment For Sale
BST-10 Biochar Production Equipment For Sale

How to Make Biochar -Traditional Making VS Modern Making

Making biochar can be traced back to thousands of years ago. Here, Beston China would like to show you how to make biochar with traditional and modern biochar production methods. Then, I believe you would a wise choice between the two methods.

Traditional Method

Generally, put the sustainable natural resources or agricultural wastes into a dug pool. Burn it, and damp down the fire with soil covering. In this way, you can get biochar from rice husk, bamboo, wood, sawdust, coconut shell, palm kernel, and so on. If you choose the traditional method, it is very cheap. But, there are many disadvantages, such as environmental pollution, low quality biochar, small scale production, etc.

Modern Method

With the development of biochar production technology, most investors begin to choose the biochar equipment to make biochar. Through high temperature burning in a furnace, raw materials can be turned into biochar. With biochar equipment for sale, you can get high quality and purified biochar. Meanwhile, it can meet the current eco-friendly trend. What’s more, you can make large quantities of biochar within the same time.

In conclusion, it is proper to choose biochar equipment for sale to make biochar. If you are ready to start the business, please contact us to get more information now! We would try our best to help you.

What Should You Confirm Before Buying Biochar Production Equipment?

Capacity Demand

The capacity demand decides the model that you would choose. We have batch and continuous machines for you to choose. Before buying, you need to confirm your capacity demand. It’s better for you to make a comprehensive consideration. For example, you can investigate the biochar market demand in your country. If biochar demand is large and there is fewer biochar manufacturer in your country, you can choose the large capacity machine. BST-30 and BST-50 are suitable for you. On the contrary, you can choose the smaller capacity machines.

Heating Materials

Charcoal, wood, diesel, natural gas, LPG, and biomass are suitable as heating materials. Among them, which one do you want to use? You can choose the one with a lower price in your country. It is a way to reduce the whole biochar making project costs. Due to different heating materials, we would equip different configurations for the biochar production equipment for sale. Therefore, it’s better for you to tell us the heating material that you choose in advance. Certainly, you can contact us to get suggestions on how to the heating materials.

Raw Materials

Sawdust, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo, wood, peanut shell, sugarcane bagasse, sludge are raw materials to make charcoal. If you already find the appropriate raw material, tell us directly. If not, you can choose one of them. All of them have been tested. High quality charcoal can be made from them with the biochar production equipment for sale.

Confirm Budget

Before buying the machine, you need to confirm all the investment costs, such as machine price, installation cost, raw material cost, etc. Then, you can prepare all the costs in advance. If you don’t have enough money, it may put off all the manufacturing plans. So, make sure how much you need to pay for the biochar production project before buying.

Beston Company just lists four points that you need to confirm before purchasing. Maybe you have your own concerns. Try to make full preparation for the biochar making business.

Biochar Production Equipment
Biochar Production Equipment – Newest Design

Why Choose Biochar Production Equipment from Beston Company?

Qualified Manufacturer

All products of Beston Company have obtained ISO and CE certificates. As everyone knows, ISO and CE are the proof of standard and high quality products. Meanwhile, Beston Company is established in 2013. Up to now, we have spent a lot of time in research and development. We have updated the biochar equipment many times. The new generation of bamboo charcoal machine is more automatic and more efficient. Therefore, Beston Company is a qualified and reliable manufacturer. You would be pleased with the quality of Beston products.

Eco-friendly Guarantee – EU Emission Standard

Eco-friendly is the trend of the global. Beston Company has designed the perfect dust removal system for the biochar production equipment for sale. It mainly contains activated carbon adsorption, water spray, ocean ball adsorption, and so on. Therefore,  gas emissions can meet EU national standards. According to your dust removal demand, we would prepare the related equipment for your project. Remember to consider the emission problem. If the emission is not up to the standard, the government will shut your factory. It is a waste of time. So, focus on the emission system.

Safety Guarantee

Safety is very important for a factory. Beston Company has designed three seals device, micro negative pressure working condition, explosion-proof device, thermal linear expansion, multi-point pressure, and temperature detection for the whole biochar equipemnt. Beston Company has devoted much effort to the safety design. And, these safety designs have been tested many times. The safety devices are the protective barrier for the workers. Therefore, it is very safe to operate the machine. Also, the alarm will ring if there is an error.

Energy Saving

Use the discharged hot flue gas as the heating material. It is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It would save a lot of heating material costs for the investors.

The water resources used by the biochar production equipment are frequently reused. It can greatly save water resources. Water is a kind of precious resource all over the world. So, we do the water recycling design for the equipment.

Short Delivery Time

Beston is a well-established company. After placing an order, we would sign a contract with the customer. And, we would write the delivery time clearly. Because of many experienced workers, we can guarantee short delivery time. We would arrange delivery before the scheduled time. There is special personnel to take responsibility for all manufacturing and delivery process. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the delay problem.

Installation Service

Beston Company supplies site installation and online installation guidance for all customers. We have professional installation engineers. They are good at English. Therefore, you can communicate with our engineers easily. Our engineers would provide a detailed installation layout for you. And, they would guide you to install the biochar production equipment step by step. Thus, you can choose Beston engineer to help you to install the plant.

Certificates of Biochar Production Equipment
Certificates of Biochar Production Equipment
Biochar Production Equipment In Turkey
Biochar Production Equipment In Turkey
Biochar Production Equipment in Malaysia
Biochar Production Equipment in Malaysia
Biochar Production Equipment To Ghana
Biochar Production Equipment To Ghana


Biochar production equipment of Beston Company has first class quality and competitive price. If you have special demands, we would like to customize the palm kernel shell charcoal machine for you. For the investors, an environmentally friendly investment chance is waiting for you here. You certainly will earn a lot of money from biochar production. So, leave your message now! We would get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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