BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant To India – Pyrolysis Plastic Into Fuel Oil

A pyrolysis solution project will be started in India. The project will be used to process plastic into fuel oil. On 10 September 2022, the Beston Group team completed the whole delivery work. On 17 October 2022, the BLJ-10 plastic pyrolysis plant will arrive in India. Are you interested in a plastic pyrolysis project? Welcome to learn more about the case:

Beston BLJ-10 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant To India
Beston BLJ-10 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant To India

Introduction Of BLJ-10 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant To India

The customer plans to make plastic oil with the Beston pyrolysis plant. He wants to sell plastic oil to make benefits. Through communication, he thinks the Beston pyrolysis machine is exactly what he needs. Therefore, he orders a standard configuration BLJ-10 plastic pyrolysis plant from Beston.

How To Solve The Customer’s Concerns About BLJ-10 Platic Pyrolysis Plant

The Indian customer pays more attention to the emission and installation. Here, you can see Beston’s solution to the problems as the followings:

Emission: At present, advocating eco-friendly is the trend in all countries. So, the Indian customer wants to reach zero pollution in recycling plastics. With the Beston de-dusting system, there are four steps to purity the exhaust gas. There is no pollution gas emission.

Installation: About installation, we supply site and online installation service. We have successful installation sites with two different installation ways. We show him some pictures of the cases. After that, he believes in Beston’s installation service and ability. Then, according to his actual condition, he chooses the online installation service. When the BLJ-10 plastic pyrolysis machine arrives in India, the Beston professional installation engineer would guide the customer to complete the installation work.

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In The End

The manufacturing time of the BLJ-10 plastic pyrolysis plant to India is 45 workdays. If you also want to dispose of tires, rubber, plastics, or oil sludge, you can contact us to get detailed project information from Beston Group( now!


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