BLJ-10 Small Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Chile

Good news! Under the help of Beston engineer – Mu, Beston BLJ-10 small pyrolysis plant was installed in Chile successfully. Mu is our professional installation engineer. According to the demand of the Chilean customer, we dispatched him to guide the customer to install the small pyrolysis machine. The Chilean customer was satisfied with our product quality and services. Here are the pictures from Chile:

Small Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Chile
Small Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Chile
BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Chile
Installed in Chile
Beston Engineer in Chile
Small Pyrolysis Machine in Chile

BLJ-10 pyrolysis plant to Chile is a kind of small pyrolysis machine for sale. Because of low cost and high ROI, it is a hot sale model on the market. The Chilean customer bought the pyrolysis plant to recycle waste tyres into fuel oil and carbon black. If you have the same investment plan, welcome to contact Beston. We would try our best to provide the best one-stop service for you.

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