Biochar Production Equipment To Malaysia – Shipment Is Coming

A set of biochar production equipment from Beston Group is shipped to Malaysia. We are a Chinese manufacturer and supplier, and Malaysia is very close to China. It would take a rather short time for the delivery. It is estimated that the machine would arrive in Malaysia in the middle of June 2023. Want to know more about the case, please continue reading.

BST-30 Biochar Production Equipment To Malaysia
BST-30 Biochar Production Equipment To Malaysia

Project Details of Biochar Production Equipment in Malaysia

    • Model: BST-30 biochar production equipment with a drying and condenser system;
    • Raw Materials: wood chips and sawdust (size around 2cm, moisture 30%-40%);
    • Source of raw material: local lumber mill;
    • End product: charcoal, tar, and wood vinegar.
Condenser Of BST-30 To Malaysia
Dust Remover To Malaysia
Spray Tower To Malaysia
Whole Set In Container-To Malaysia

Key Reasons For Malaysia Customer To Choose Beston Group

High-quality products: The Malaysian customer has conducted extensive web searches and compared several suppliers of biochar machines. Impressed by our professional knowledge and advanced technology, they ultimately chose Beston Group’s products.

Excellent customer service: Beston Group promises to offer on-site engineer installation guidance for the Malaysian customer. Workers can learn about the operation details and precautions of the product under the guidance of engineers, so as to better use and maintain the product. The Malaysian customer has expressed their sincere praise for this service.

On-time delivery: Beston Group has always regarded on-time delivery as a key commitment. After a two-month production cycle, we successfully delivered charcoal machine to the Malaysia customer on time. This ensures a smooth project schedule and avoids additional costs and hassles for the Malaysian customer.

Solution for Challenge Encountered by Malaysia Customer

During communication, Malaysian customer encounters difficulties in applying for environmental certification. In response, we provide them with data on exhaust gas and waste emissions to support their certification process. This will ensure that the customer can meet the environmental certification standards and avoid negative influence on the subsequent use of the biochar production equipment.


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