BTF-1-4 Paper Egg Tray Making Machine to Sudan

Congratulations! A set of BTF-1-4 paper egg tray making machine of Beston Company was shipped to Sudan. See the shipment pictures:

BTF-1-4 Egg Tray Making Machine to Sudan
BTF-1-4 Egg Tray Making Machine to Sudan
Pulping System to Sudan
Pulping System to Sudan

On the basis of customer’s demand, we recommend the BTF-1-4 paper egg tray machine for him. One the one hand, it is suitable for making in small land area, such as making egg trays at home. On the other hand, low cost and high returns. The egg tray making machine price of BTF-1-4 is rather low among our all models. Therefore, it is the best choice for new business starter.

Shipment to Sudan
Shipment to Sudan

Beston has been exported the machines to 30+ countries. High quality and one-stop service are achievable. If you are interested in the business, contact us now!


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