BTF1-3 Small Egg Tray Machine Was Shipped to the Philippines

Good news! One set of egg tray making machine was shipped to the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the main egg tray machine exported countries. We had exported and installed BTF1-3, BTF1-4, and BTF4-8 machines to the Philippines. All sets of egg tray machines in the Philippines were running normally. The Philippines customers were satisfied with the paper egg trays that are made by Beston machines. This time, it is a BTF1-3 small egg tray machine to the Philippines. If you are interested in the egg trays making business, welcome to see the following introductions:

Ship BTF1-3 Egg Tray Making Machine to Philippines
Ship BTF1-3 Egg Tray Making Machine to Philippines

Shipping List of BTF1-3 Small Egg Tray Making Machine to the Philippines

Egg Tray Forming Machine to the Phippines
Egg Tray Forming Machine to the Phippines
Hydropulper to the Philippines
Hydropulper to the Philippines
Loading Packed Machine to Container
Loading Packed Machine to Container
Items Quantity Power Remark
Egg Tray Forming Machine 1 3KW A set of plastic egg tray molds
Hydropulper 1 7.5KW Equipped with one water pipe and one motor.
Vacuum Pump 1 11KW One inlet and one outlet.
Air Compressor 1 7.5KW /
Slurry Pump 1 3KW Equipped with slurry pump pipes.
Sewage Pump 1 1.1KW Equipped with canvas bag.
Cleanser 1 1.1KW /

Note: There are 16 items for the BTF1-3 egg tray machine in the Philippines. The weight of them is 2700kg. And the volume of them is 20m³. We just list some of them for your reference. If you want to know all, welcome to contact us to get what you want.

Introduction of BTF1-3 Small Egg Tray Making Machine to the Philippines

Model: BTF1-3

Capacity: 800-1000pcs/h

Forming mold quantity: 3

Delivery time: 2022.03.7

Estimated arrival time: 2022.03.15

Port of shipment: Qingdao port

Installation: Online guidance installation by Beston engineer

In the End

BTF1-3 small egg tray making machine to the Philippines is a popular small capacity machine. Most of the small-scale egg tray making projects investors would choose it. What is your project scale? Please share with Beston. We would recommend the suitable machine and components for you. You would buy the functional machine from Beston.


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