BTF1-4 1500pcs Egg Tray Machine to Bolivia

Good news! BTF1-4 1500pcs egg tray machine was shipped to Bolivia successfully. Here, you can see the pictures from the delivery site:

1500pcs Egg Tray Machine to Bolivia
1500pcs Egg Tray Machine to Bolivia

BTF1-4 1500pcs egg tray machine to Bolivia is a good paper packaging business investment for the customer. With the BTF1-4 machine, the customer can make 30 holes paper egg trays. The 30 egg tray is the hot-sales shape on the Bolivian market. I believe the customer would make a great deal of money through investing in the BTF1-4 egg tray machine in Bolivia.

Are you interested in the paper tray making business? Contact us to get the machine from Beston Company.


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