Straw Charcoal Making Machine

Straw charcoal making machine is an applied and effective machine for you to recycle straw. With carbonization technology, kinds of straw can be made into biomass charcoal. More and more people begin to pay attention to carbonization technology. As a professional straw carbonization machine supplier, Beston Group can provide the most suitable machine for you. If you are looking for a good solution for recycling straws, welcome to learn more from Beston.

Straw Charcoal Making Machine
Straw Charcoal Making Machine

Straw Charcoal Making Machine – To Process Kinds Of Straws

  • Wheat straw
  • Barley straw
  • Oat straw
  • Rye straw
  • Buckwheat Straw
  • Corn stalks
  • Cotton straw
  • Alfalfa straw
Wheat Straw
Wheat Straw
Corn Stalks
Corn Stalks
Cotton Straw
Cotton Straw
Alfalfa Straw
Alfalfa Straw

Models Of Straw Charcoal Making Machine

Batch Straw Charcoal Plant

  • Model: BST-J12, BST-J18, BST-J40
  • Features: small capacity; low investment cost; small floor area;

Batch Straw Charcoal Machine

Skid-mounted Mobile Machine

  • Model: BST-05 PRO
  • Features: easy moving to other locations; easy installation;

Skid-mounted Mobile Straw Charcoal Machine

Continuous Straw Biochar Machine

  • Model: BST-10, BST-30, BST-50
  • Features: large capacity; continuous working method; good carbonization effect;

Continuous Straw Charcoal Making Machine

ModelBST-J12BST-J18BST-J40BST-05 Pro (skid-mounted)BST-10BST-30BST-50
Input Capacity12m³/h/batch18m³/h/batch40m³/h/batch0.3-0.5m³/h (300kg/h)2-4m³/h (1000kg/h)7-9m³/h (3000kg/h)10-15m³/h (5000kg/h)
Reactor Sizeφ1900mm*L4500mmφ1900mm*L6600mmφ2800mm*L7100mmφ830mm*L5500mmφ1300mm*L14051mmφ1700mm*L14180mmφ2000mm*L14260mm
Land for Equipment (L*W*H, Standard Configuration)9m*6m*6m12m*6m*7m15m*18m*7m10m*8m*3.9m29m*15m*5m30m*15m*8m35m*18m*9m
Weight (Standard Configuration)18T22T34T15T32T35T49T
Energy Consumption (Standard Configuration)11kw/h13.5kw/h25kw/h31kw/h34.7kw/h61.5kw/h116kw/h
Working MethodBatchFully continuous
Feeding Requirement/Size: ≤20mm; moisture: ≤15%; strong liquidity
StructureHorizontal rotationDouble barrel single hearthDouble barrel double hearth
Control MethodControl by buttonsPLC control
Reactor MaterialQ245RQ245+310S
PressureMicro negative pressure
Heating MaterialDiesel, natural gas, heavy oil, biomas, etc.
Heating MethodDirect heating
Noise (dB)≤80
CondenserCirculating water cooling
Rotation MethodExternal gear rotation

Straw To Charcoal Briquettes – Whole Complete Production Line

Are you prepared to make charcoal briquettes? If yes, you need to choose a straw charcoal machine and a briquette machine for your projects. Beston Group supplies the whole complete production line for you to process straw charcoal briquettes. Here, you can learn more about the whole production line clearly:

Functions Of Straw Charcoal Machine:

It is used to make charcoal powder. You would get a high heating value of charcoal with it.

Functions Of Straw Briquette Machine:

A charcoal briquette machine is used to press the charcoal powder into the hexagons, squares, and rounds types.

Whole Straw To Charcoal Briquettes Making Machine
Whole Straw To Charcoal Briquettes Making Machine

Advantages Of Straw Charcoal Powder And Charcoal Briquettes:

High Thermal Value

As a kind of biomass, straw can be fired to provide heating easily. We can gather straws together and make them into high-density charcoal powder with straw charcoal equipment. Then, straw charcoal would have a higher thermal value and continuous heating source.


Burning straw charcoal powder or briquettes have no smoke, fly ash, carbon emission, or any other pollution gases. So, it is a  kind of eco-friendly heating energy. What’s more, there is no pollution in the charcoal powder production process with the straw charcoal manufacturing machine.

Easy Storage And Transportation

Commonly, charcoal powder and charcoal briquettes can be packaged in bags or paper boxes. After packaging, they are easy to take. You can load them into the car with the folklife or belt conveyor. Then, you can transport them and sell them on the market.

Cheap And Abundant Raw Materials To Make

During harvest time, you can find abundant straw in the rural area. It is cheap to get the straw. Meanwhile, it is a kind of inexhaustible resource that can get every year. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about raw materials. Start the straw charcoal making at ease.

Charcoal Power From Straw
Charcoal Power From Straw
Briquettes From Straw
Briquettes From Straw
Round Briquettes From Straw
Round Briquettes From Straw

Applications Of Straw Charcoal Briquettes

Because of its high calorific value, straw charcoal is a good substitute product for coal. Meanwhile, straw charcoal is eco-friendly energy that has no pollution to the atmosphere. Therefore, it is suitable for BBQ, cooking, room heating system, or other heating systems. With a straw biochar machine, large-scale straw charcoal production can be realized. You can get high investment returns from the straw charcoal making project.

Other End Products From Straw To Charcoal Making Process

Wood Vinegar From Straw
Wood Vinegar From Straw
Tar From Straw
Tar From Straw
Biogas From Straw
Biogas From Straw

Wood Vinegar

Agricultural: It is good for anti-insect fungicide, pesticide intermediates, and soil amendment.


Industry: It is the basic raw material for smelting bio-diesel.


Daily life: It is widely used as fuel.

Agricultural: It is mostly used for greenhouse agricultural heating.

Industry: It can be used as fuel, used for drying, or used as a generator to get electricity.

Production Site Of Straw To Charcoal Machine In China

  • Project Location: Guizhou province, China
  • Model: BST-10
  • Input Capacity: 2-4m³/h
  • Raw Material: Straw and bamboo

Now, the straw charcoal making machine is running normally in China. The charcoal from it is of high-quality and high thermal value. The customer is satisfied with the excellent performance of the BST-10 straw to charcoal machine. It is an environmentally friendly project in the local city. It makes a contribution to the straw disposal problem. Previously, most farmers would burn it directly. It is harmful to the atmosphere. Here, you can see the pictures and videos from the biochar production equipment site:

Straw Charcoal Made From Straw To Charcoal Machine In China
Straw Charcoal Made From Straw To Charcoal Machine In China

How To Make Straw To Charcoal?

Straw Drying:

Usually, the straw is in a drying condition. If it has high water content, you can use a dryer to remove extra water.

Feeding Straw:

Use the belt conveyor to transport the straw into the straw charcoal making furnace.

Carbonization Process:

In the furnace, it is an anaerobic or hypoxic environment. With continuous heating, it would cause the internal decomposition of molecules to form biochar, liquid phase (tar, wood vinegar) and non-condensable gas products (combustible gas).


After cooling, the temperature of straw charcoal is lower to normal temperature. You can collect and package the straw charcoal. Then, you can sell them into the market to make profits. You can not package straw charcoal directly, high temperature charcoal would be spontaneous ignition.

Beston Service For You To Start Straw To Charcoal Business

Project Consultants:

Consultants are responsible for communicating with customers, getting the customers’ demands, and providing straw charcoal machine configuration solutions for customers.

Delivery Manager:
  • Provide customers with the production progress of products in the workshop every Monday;
  • Invite the customers to confirm the straw to charcoal machine delivery through video or to our factory;
  • Monitor the entire transportation process to ensure safety and timeliness;
  • Contact customers in advance to prepare auxiliary items needed on site to ensure production in a shorter time.
Delivery Manager and After-sales Engineer:
  • Provide on-site and online installation and commissioning for your biomass pyrolysis plant projects;
  • Provide spare parts for customers for life;
  • Provide maintenance service for customers for life.

Cases Of Biomass To Biochar Machine

In The End

Straw charcoal making machine of Beston Group can turn waste straw into charcoal. If you are planning to start charcoal making business, welcome to get a customized solution from Beston Group. Tell us your demands, and let Beston be your cooperator. All your concerns and problems can be solved with the help of Beston Group. Also, welcome to see more pictures from Beston Pinterest.


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