Chile Customers Want to Buy Our Egg Tray Machine

From August 10 to August 14, Chile Customers came to China and visited the office and factory of Beston.

As we all know, plastic is not easy for disposing of and degradation. With the development of society and the enhancement of people’s environmental protection consciousness, the Chilean government begin to advocate the use of paper products to instead of plastic products. As the largest supplier of plastic foam trays in Chile, our customers are very interested in the paper pulp molding system and want to buy paper pulp molding machine for sale.

In our factory, our professional engineer- Wang showed the operating process, exchange of egg tray mould and apple tray mould and the whole process of manufacturing egg trays. Through seeing, the Chile customers had a better understanding of the egg tray manufacturing process.

Meanwhile, we went to visit the running egg tray machine with brick drying system that had been working for almost 8 years. They were satisfied with the quality of paper egg tray.

The Chile Customers want to buy the machine to make paper egg trays and paper apple trays. We would discuss more details about the pulp molding machine in the next time. Hope to cooperate with you.


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