Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Coconut shell charcoal making machine manufactured by Beston Company can be used to make superior charcoal from coconut shells. The coconut shell has a high calorific value of 20.8MJ/kg. Therefore, coconut shell is very suitable for making charcoal around the world. Through experiment, we know that coconut shell charcoal is super stiff, hard, and resistant. So, it is widely used as fuel for domestic and industrial. Investing in a coconut shell charcoal machine will bring you great economic value. If you are ready to start the charcoal making business, welcome to contact Beston Company to get the free price list!

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

7 Models of Coconut Shell Charcoal Machines – Get Suitable One

As one of the professional coconut shell charcoal machine manufacturers, we supply 7 models to meet different customers’ demands. BST-J12, BST-J18, BST-J40 are the batch models. And BST-05, BST-10, BST-20, BST-30 are the continuous models. Here, Beston would like to show the detailed specifications for you. On the basis of capacity demand, working method, occupied area, you would choose the appropriate one for your project. If you really don’t know which one to choose, please tell us your capacity demand. We would recommend the optional models for you. Then, it is easy for you to get the right machine through comparing.

1. Batch Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine – Small Capacity Machine

BST-J Batch Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
BST-J Batch Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Batch coconut charcoal machine is designed for small-scale businesses. If the batch charcoal machines meet your capacity demands, choose one of them. They have smaller investment costs than continuous machines. So, buying a batch machine would greatly save your costs. Certainly, don’t just concern the costs and neglect your actual capacity demands. Here, we would like to share the features and advantages with you. Hope to help you to find the right machine.

BST-J Batch Machines Installation Coutries:

  • BST-J12 In Ghana
  • BST-J40 In Spain
BST-J12 to Ghana
BST-J12 to Ghana
BST-J40 to Spain
BST-J40 to Spain
Batch Models BST-J12 BST-J18 BST-J40
Capacity 12m³ 18m³ 40m³
Working Method Batch
Description and Size Reactor Φ1900*4500 Φ1900*6600 Φ2800*7100
Casing 2260*3600 2260*5600 3200*7000
Cyclone Dust Removal system 1000*800*3500 1150*1000*3500 1460*1300*4080
Dust Removal Tower 1300*1300*4900 1800*1300*4900 1900*1900*5900
Land Field (Standard) 10*4.5*6m 10*4.5*6m 12*4.5*6m

2. Continuous Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine – Large Capacity Machine

BST-Continuous Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
BST-Continuous Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Continuos coconut shell charcoal machine is designed for large-scale businesses. It can achieve fully continuous feeding and discharging at the same time. If you want to find a large capacity sawdust charcoal machine, you can choose one of the BST series of machines. They are all high efficient machines. Want to find the most appropriate one, see the following specific features, advantages, and specifications. Surely, feel free to ask us about the detailed price list for your favorite models.

BST Continuous Machines Installation Coutries:

  • BST-10: Brazil, Ghana, Mexico, Cameroon, India, China
  • BST-20: Turkey, Inida, Brazil
  • BST-30: Mexico, Malaysia, Chile, Spain, Turkey
  • BST-50: Ukraine, Turkey, China
BST-10 Straw Charcoal Machine In China
BST-10 Straw Charcoal Machine In China
BST-20 Bamboo Charcoal Machine in India
BST-20 Bamboo Charcoal Machine in India
BST-30 Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine in Mexico
BST-30 Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine in Mexico
BST-30 Palm Shell Charcoal Machine to Malaysia
BST-30 Palm Shell Charcoal Machine to Malaysia
Model BST-05 BST-10 BST-30 BST-50
Capacity 0.3-0.5t/h 0.8-1t/h 2.5-3t/h 4.5-5t/h
Working Method Fully continuous
Raw Materials 1. All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo, etc.
2. Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge, etc.
3. Municipal solid waste, food waste.
Reactor Size Φ820mm Φ1000mm Φ1300mm Φ1700mm
Heating Materials Charcoal, wood, diesel, natural gas, LPG, biomass, etc.
Energy Consumption 45kw/h 65kw/h 90kw/h 125kw/h
Dimensions 28m*10m*6m 33m*13m*7m 40m*15m*8m 50m*16m*10m
Weight 28t 35t 45t 54t
Operating Pressure Slight negative pressure
Service life 5-8 years

Spare Parts of Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine For Sale

3D Layout of Coconut Shell Charcoal Machinery
3D Layout of Coconut Shell Charcoal Machinery
Steeply Inclined Belt Conveyor
Steeply Inclined Belt Conveyor
Draft Fan
Draft Fan
De-dusting System
De-dusting System
Dryer Machine
Dryer Machine
Burning Room
Burning Room
Water-cooled Screw Auto Discharger
Water-cooled Screw Auto Discharger

All spare parts of coconut shell charcoal making machine for sale are well designed by Beston Company professional engineers. They not only have a good appearance, but also have good performance. Meanwhile, so as to provide a better performance, we have updated them many times. What’s more, they have been tested thousands of times before putting into production. So, all of the spare parts have a long service life. Rest assured to buy the rice husk charcoal machine from Beston Company. If you want to know more about the functions of each spare part, welcome to contact us. Certainly, welcome to see the next part about how to make a biochar video. You would find them in the video.

6 Advantages of Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine

As one of the reliable coconut shell charcoal machine manufacturers, Beston Company has been devoted to development and research for many years. We are aiming to provide a high automatic and long life span machine for all customers. Therefore, the product engineers are continuously putting forward new design concepts. After a heated discussion, they would confirm the new upgrade direction. They would prepare to make new upgrade products. And, they would put the upgrade spare parts into the coconut shell charcoal machine. Then, they would test the new function thousands of times. At last, they would choose and confirm the fittable upgrade plan. With the continuous upgrading, Beston products have been entered into the top manufacturer of the world. Here, you can see the 4 main advantages of the Beston charcoal making machine:

High Quality

All products of Beston Company have achieved the CE and ISO certificates. Therefore, all products of company have high quality. Meanwhile, we have a quality control department that is responsible for testing all spare parts. All standard spare parts can be passed. All unqualified products are back to reproduction. We have strict testing standards for all products. Therefore, there are no defective products for customers. Currently, all customers speak highly of Beston products.

Fully Continuous Working Method

Like BST series coconut shell charcoal making machines, they are fully continuous machines. They can achieve feeding, carbonization, drying, discharging, and dedusting automatically. And, the feeding and discharging are going at the same time. You don’t need to wait for the carbonization over of one batch of raw material. They would save a large production time cost for you. Thus, the BST series machines of Beston Company are suitable for all charcoal making investments.


More and more countries are becoming to pay attention to Eco-friendly. Beston Company has designed the perfect dust removal system for the coconut shell charcoal briquette machine. For the de-dusting process, we supply carbon adsorption, water spray, ocean ball adsorption, etc. After the de-dusting process, the gas emission can reach EU national standards. You can consult the emission problem from your government before placing an order. And, tell us your specific emission standard. Then, we would recommend the most suitable de-dusting systems for you. If you equip all the de-dusting systems for your projects, it would be very eco-friendly.

Energy Saving

Use the discharged hot flue biogas to dry the raw material, which is more energy-saving. You don’t need to pay extra money for heating materials. It would save a great deal of money for your projects.

For charcoal making process, it needs a large number of water resources. In order to help you to reduce the investment cost, we do the water recycling design for coconut shell and wood charcoal machine. Waste recycling design not only saves your costs, but also makes a great contribution to protecting the world water resource.

Long Service Life

The main reactor of Beston Company is made of Q235, 245R, and 310S stainless steel. Commonly, the designed service life of the main reactor is ten years. The reactor is the main spare part for the whole machine. With a long service life reactor, you don’t need to replace it frequently. In the long run, it would save a lot of money for your projects. After all, the main reactor is the most costly spare part. Want to save money? Choose the appropriate machine from Beston Company. You would get a satisfying product and service from Beston Company.

Customer-Friendly Design

In order to satisfy the different customers’ demands, we have designed 7 models of coconut charcoal making machines. Whatever your business scale is large or small, you can find the most appropriate machine from Beston. Meanwhile, we focus on safe operation and production, therefore, we have designed three seals device, micro negative pressure working condition, explosion-proof device, thermal linear expansion, multi-point pressure, and temperature detection for the whole biochar making machine.

Certificates of Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
Certificates of Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
BST-10 In Jiangsu Province, China
BST-10 In Jiangsu Province, China

How to Make Charcoal from Coconut Shell? – See the Video

In the video, we have shown you how to make charcoal from biomass waste, such as coconut shell, palm kernel shell, wood, rice husk, bamboo, sawdust, etc. step by step. You can see the video to obtain some information that you are interested in. Also, we provide the coconut shell charcoal manufacturing process as the followings:

Step1: Crushing and Drying
Crush the coconut shells into small particles which diameter size is smaller than 20mm. Then, the material is loaded to the silo by the loader. Next, the processed coconut shell particles are fed into the dryer by the belt conveyor.
Step2: Carbonization
The high temperature exhaust gas from the furnace chamber is firstly transferred into the dryer to dry the material. The material after the dryer is fed into the carbonization furnace. It takes around 15-20 minutes from raw material to charcoal. And then discharged safely by water-cooled screw auto discharger.
Step3: Combustible Gas Generation
Combustible gas is generated during processing and is delivered to the cyclone de-dusting system to remove heavy particles. Combustible gas will be cleaned by a water seal, and recycled to heat carbonization furnace. Excess combustible gas will be burned in the exhaust gas-burning chamber. And then to be cleaned by the cyclone de-dusting, water spray, ceramic ring absorption, and the defogging plate.

End Products From Coconut Shell Carbonization And Their Usages:

The coconut milk is a good drink that most people are liking. The coconut milk has high economic value. Besides coconut milk, there are coconut shells. What to do with the coconut shells? Did you just burn them or throw them? In fact, there is a good way to dispose of coconut shells. We can process the coconut shells into biomass charcoal with the coconut shell charcoal machine. Also, we would get tar, wood vinegar, and biogas during the coconut shells carbonization process. All the end products have wide applications. They all have great economic values. Here, we would like to share the applications with you.



1. BBQ or used as fuel in other areas;
2. Attach heavy metal, improve soil quality ;
3. Reprocessed into activated carbon;
4. For construction bricks with clay



1. Anti-insect fungicide
2. Pesticide neutralization
3. Soil conditioner

Wood Vinegar
Wood Vinegar

Used as permeability-reducing agent for construction.



1. Widely used as fuel;
2. Greenhouse agriculture heating;
3. Can be used for drying;
4. Used for generator to get electricity.

FAQs On Coconut Shell Charcoal

What is Coconut Shell Charcoal?

Coconut shell charcoal is a kind of eco-friendly biomass charcoal. You can get it from the high temperature carbonization process. In our daily life, you can see the coconut shell charcoal at the BBQ. The heating material is a kind of biomass charcoal. Not all countries are suitable for making charcoal from coconut shells. Because coconut is a tropical tree species. Some coastal areas and humid tropics abound in coconut, such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Myanmar, and so on.

Is Coconut Shell Charcoal Safe?

Coconut shell charcoal is totally safe and clean when you use it in your daily life. It won’t produce sparks during burning. It has consistent, controllable properties. You can gradually add the charcoal to adjust the fire. And also, it leaves less ash and makes the surrounding environment friendly. Meanwhile, during charcoal making process, you don’t need to add some chemical materials. As a kind of biomass, coconut shell charcoal is very safe.

Is Coconut Charcoal Valuable?

Yes, it is very valuable. It can be used as fuel to provide heating in cooking, BBQ, and industry. Meanwhile, it can be used as fertilizer for improving soil quality. It can be used for making construction bricks with clay. Therefore, coconut shell charcoal has high economic value. With the scarce resource, coconut shell charcoal is a kind of good substitute for coal. It has a good market prospect. You don’t need to worry about the distribution channels.

3D Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
3D Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine – Newest Design

4 Reasons for Investing in Coconut Charcoal Production Business

For all investors, you may be eager to know what you will get from a project. And why it is worthy of investing in the coconut shell charcoal making business. When you start a new business project, you want to make sure that you would make a high ROI from the business. Certainly, you need to know them before your investment. They all have a relation with a successful business. As a professional manufacturer, we have summarized 4 reasons for investing in the coconut shell charcoal production business for your reference. When you are ready to start the business, please feel free to contact Beston Company now!

Cheap Coconut Shells

Like in the Philippines, coconut production is one of the vital pillars of the national economy. 25 percent of cultivated land was planted with coconut trees. There are plenty of coconut shells in these countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Myanmar, and so on. We can get the coconut shells very cheaply from a plantation. The coconut shell is one of the main biomass raw materials to make charcoal. In these countries, you would save a great deal of money in purchasing coconut shells.

High-quality Charcoal

Coconut shells are very fit for making charcoal because of their carbon composition. Previously, some people would burn coconut shells and woods for cooking. Coconut shells are a kind of good heating material. Now, with the high-tech carbonization reactor, tons of coconut shells can be made into charcoal. The charcoal from carbonization can supply consistent heating for cooking, BBQ. Meanwhile, the finished charcoal is easy for transport and storage. You can sell charcoal at a considerable price on the market.

Eco-friendly Product

Coconut shell belongs to sustainable natural resources. The ash content of the coconut shells is around 0.6% which is very clean in the coconut shell charcoal manufacturing process. Meanwhile, Beston Company supplies the perfect dust removal system for the coconut shell charcoal making machine. The gas emission can reach EU standards. When you burn the charcoal from coconut shells, there is no pollution. It is completely eco-friendly.

Large Demand

Charcoal made from coconut shells is widely used for cooking, BBQ, fertilizer, eliminating greenhouse gases, etc. Because of its wide applications, biomass charcoal is largely demanded in the markets. Hence, if you set about making biomass charcoal, you will earn a lot of money from the business project! Are you prepared enough for the charcoal making business? If yes, start your business with biomass pyrolysis equipment now!

Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine for Sale
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine for Sale

Profit Analysis of BST-10 Coconut Charcoal Making Machine

Please note that: the following project analysis Data is from the Chinese Market. We list the BST-10 machine for your reference. As we all know, the production cost, raw materials cost, labor cost, and charcoal price are different in different countries. So, if you want to know the accurate and specific project analysis, welcome to contact Beston Company. And, tell us your market condition.

Economic Analysis Report For BST-10 Commercial Biochar Production Plant
Land for Machine 20*12*6
Daily Running Cost
Item cost per unit(usd) Total
Material(Ton) 24 ton 80 1920 USD
Fuel 50 m3 Natural gas 0.45 22.5 USD
Water 1.5 ton water 0.6 0.9
Power 35 kw 0.09 3.15 USD
Labors 5 workers 30 150 USD
Maintenance 10 20 USD
Depreciation 10 20 USD
Tax Free from tax for Environmental Protection Project 0 USD
Other Expenses 10 USD
Total Cost: 2146.55 USD
Daily Gross Profit
Charcoal (BBQ) 8 tons/day 680 5440 USD
Tar oil 0.2 tons/day
Wood vinegar 0.5 tons/day
Total Gross Profit 5440 USD
Pure Profit
Daily Profit: 3293.45 USD
Monthly (25 working days) 82336.25 USD
Annual (10 Months) 823362.5 USD
BST-10 Machine For Sale
BST-10 Machine For Sale

5 Things to Do Before Buying Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine

1 Prepare investment funds well.

Enough investment funds are the guarantee to start a coconut shell charcoal making business. You need to calculate the money that you can use for the business. Then, it’s easy for you to confirm the business scale. If your money is not enough, you need to find a way to get the funds. We have 7 models of coconut shell charcoal making machines for you to choose. The prices of them are different, so choose the suitable one to ask the price now!

2 Get a suitable factory land.

A factory land is necessary needed to start your new business. If you already have land, you just need to figure out the land area. If not, you need to rent a suitable land for your project. Please tell us the land area in advance. Then, we would judge and recommend the most appropriate layout and machine for you. Commonly, when you get the bamboo charcoal machine, you can place all spare parts as the layout diagram.

3 Find coconut shells supplier.

Coconut shells are the raw materials to make charcoal. Thus, you need to find a reliable supplier who supplies the coconut shells at a cheap price. Also, you should check the quality of the coconut shells before confirming cooperation with a supplier. And, you should make sure the supplier can provide the coconut shells constantly for you. If you own coconut shells, you don’t need to worry about raw material supply problems.

4 Get a reliable coconut shell charcoal making machine manufacturer.

Do you want to buy a high-quality coconut shell charcoal making machinery with perfect service? If yes, you should pay attention to choosing a reliable manufacturer. You should ask some questions like these: Do you have CE and ISO certificates? What is the eco-friendly standard of your machine? Do you have your own factory? Do you have some successful cases? Do you supply a one-stop service? If you get satisfying answers, you can place your order. Certainly, don’t forget to sign a contract with the manufacturer.

5 Seek out the charcoal distribution channel.

Finding good charcoal distribution channels may cost you a long time. It’s better for you to seek out the charcoal distribution channel in advance. You can find the channels through friends introduce, searching on the Internet, visiting, etc. Find some places that need a large quantity of charcoal. Then, you can sell the charcoal directly after you set about the charcoal making project. It would save a lot of time cost for your projects.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine With High Quality
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine With High Quality

Video of Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine in Mexico

After-sales Service of Beston Company

No. Service Time Contents
1 Installation & Commissioning 50 days a. Installation;

b. Commissioning and trial production

2 Training 10 days a. Train the operator how to operate the equipment;

b. Train the operator how to do daily maintenance;

3 Tracking service 10 days Work with the operators and monitor the equipment

work 3~7 days so as to assure the operator can do the

operation and maintain independently and skillfully.

Beston Engineer
Beston Engineer

Successful Cases of Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

At present, the biochar production equipment of Beston Company has been exported to Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Ukraine, Ghana, Spain, Australia, Russia, Cameroon, China, India, Japan, and Malaysia, etc. With the help of Beston Company, their projects go well and smoothly. All of the charcoal making projects have been profitable except for some new projects. If you want to know more about the carbonization of coconut shells, welcome to contact us now! We would provide the project analysis for you. Even you are newer to the charcoal making industry, you would earn a lot of money with the guidance of Beston Company. Here, we list some of the cases for you to see.

BST 10 to Cameroon
BST 10 to Cameroon
BST-20 Machine to Turkey
BST-20 Machine to Turkey
Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Making Machine to Japan
Charcoal Making Machine to Japan
BST-30 In Spain
BST-30 In Spain
BST-50 Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine In Turkey
BST-50 In Turkey


coconut shell charcoal making machine of Beston Company will be your best choice. We have advanced manufacturing technology, competitive price, professional installation team. Also, all products of Beston Company have got ISO14001, ISO9001, and CE certificates. You will get high quality charcoal with our coconut shell charcoal machine. If you want to make coconut shell charcoal, contact us now! We would try our best to help you start a charcoal manufacturing business project. Also, you can find more pictures on Beston Pinterest.

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