How to Make Charcoal from Coconut Shell

Make Charcoal from Coconut Shell
Make Charcoal from Coconut Shell

How to make charcoal from coconut shell? The main method is carbozation. As professional coconut shell charcoal machine manufacturer, Beston would like to list the production process here:

  1. Crushing: crush the coconut shell that is larger than 20mm into small pieces;
  2. Drying: dry the coconut shell which moisture content is higher than 15%;
  3. Carbonization: preheat the furnace, and then use the conveyor to transport the coconut shell which is crushed and dried into carbonization furnace. Carbonizing process begins.
  4. Discharging: after 18-20 minutes, charcoal can be discharged by water cooling discharger.
  5. Combustible gas producing: after 10 minutes’ feeding, combustible gas will be produced. Produced gas enters into cyclone dust collector for desulfuration and dedusting. Then, enters into condenser to separate into vinegar and tar. The rest gas will be transported by the fan to heat the carbonization furnace.
  6. Exhaust gas recycling: a part of exhaust gas can be used to heat dryer. And the residual smoke can be discharged after washing, water spraying, etc.

The above are the main steps to make charcoal from coconut shell. Coconut shell charcoal has wide applications. If you are preparing to start charcoal making business, contact Beston. We will customize coconut shell charcoal making machine for you.


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