Egg Tray Machine Installed In India

Congratulations! A set of egg tray making machine was installed in India successfully. From manufacturing to installation, we all finished them on schedule. Therefore, Indian customer praised our work. Here are some pictures to show:

Egg Tray Machine Installed In India
Egg Tray Machine Installed In India
Indian Customer
Indian Customer
Egg Tray and Mould
Egg Tray and Mould

When the Indian customer searched egg tray machine on the Internet, he leaved message on our website. Then, our salesperson gave his prompt reply according to his demand. Through several days’ communicating on email, whatsapp, phone and video, he placed the order for BTF-4-4 egg tray machine. BTF-4-4 can make 2500pcs paper egg trays per hour.

After delivery, he asked us to help him to install the egg tray plant. So, we sent our engineer and salesperson to India. Our colleagues got warm reception in India. Following engineer’s drawing and guidance, the Indian local workers completed the assembling for all parts of the machine. What’s more, the workers learned how to make egg trays quickly. After commissioning, they made standard paper egg trays. The whole installation process and training work went smoothly.

Gifts From Indian Customer
Gifts From Indian Customer

In order to expressed his gratitude, the Indian customer bought gifts to our team manager and engineer. It is so sweet. Currently, we have exported our egg tray making machine to 50+ countries. All customers are our reliable cooperators. With customer’s support, Beston will stick to provide high quality machine and perfect after-sales service for customers from the worldwide. If you are interested in our egg carton forming machine, contact us right away.


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