Egg Tray Machine To Hungary

Good news! A set of BTF-4-4 egg tray machine was shipped to Hungary. Here are the pictures:

Egg Tray Machine To Hungary
Egg Tray Machine To Hungary

BTF-4-4 egg tray machine can make 2500pcs paper egg trays per hour. The Hungarian customer purchased the six layers mental egg tray drying line to dry wet paper egg trays. Therefore, it will save lots of time in the production process. Meanwhile, metal drying is easy for installation. You just need to assemble the spare parts. So, it is widely welcomed by customers.

BTF-4-4 To Hungary
BTF-4-4 To Hungary
Pulping Part
Pulping Part

In order to deliver the qualified egg tray machine to Hungary on time, our workers concentrated on manufacturing the machine late into the night. Every manufacturing process was tested by experienced inspectors. Before delivery, we had taken some pictures to Hungary customer. Until he expressed his satisfaction, we began to arrange the delivery.

For customers, Beston supplies 1000pcs, 1500pcs, 2000pcs, 2500pcs, 300-5000ps, 5000-6000pcs egg tray machine. If you are interested in egg tray manufacturing business, contact us. We would like to provide perfect service for you.


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