BTF6-8 6000-7000PCS/h Egg Tray Machine

BTF6-8 6000-7000pcs egg tray machine is a large capacity egg tray machine. It can make 6000-7000pcs paper egg trays per hour. It is an excellent machine to start a large-scale business. If you have a business plan, feel free to contact Beston Company. We would customize the most appropriate machine for your project. To seek out more information about the BTF6-8 6000-7000pcs/h machine from the following article now!

BTF6-8 6000-7000PCS Egg Tray Machine
BTF6-8 6000-7000PCS Egg Tray Machine

Standard Paper Trays With BTF6-8

Papper Egg Tray
30 Papper Egg Tray
12 Egg Carton
12 Egg Carton
18 Egg Carton
18 Egg Carton

Parameter of BTF6-8 6000-7000pcs/h Egg Tray Machine

Model BTF6-8 with metal drying line
Capacity 6000-7000pcs/h
Forming mould quantity 48
Total power (kw) 226
Electricity consumption (kw/h) 156
Labor force 5-7
Raw material to make trays waste cartons, waste book, waste newspapers, waste paper boxes, book scraps, recycled egg trays, other waste paper materials
Material consumption (kg/h) Paper 425
Water 1275
Drying method metal drying line(23000*2500*3900)
Fuel for drying natural LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas
Factory area more than 1000㎡
BTF6-8 Egg Tray Making Machine
BTF6-8 Egg Tray Making Machine

Metal Dryer For Egg Tray Making Projects

6 Layer Metal Drying Line
6 Layer Metal Drying Line

Video of Beston BTF6-8 Egg Tray Making Machine

6 Things You Need to Think About

1. Voltage in your place
2. Factory land area
3. Special requirements of the egg tray mold (standard 30 holes)
4. Capacity demand
5. Choice of egg tray dryer line
6. Egg tray plant project report (we would help you to make your own.)

6000-7000pcs Egg Tray Machine
6000-7000pcs Egg Tray Machine

BTF6-8 6000-7000pcs egg tray machine is popular with large-scale business projects. The customers who buy it have already make a great deal of money. If you are interested in buying BTF6-8, welcome to contact Beston. You would get a quick reply when you ask for help. As a professional paper egg tray making machine manufacturer, we would provide professional advice for you.

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