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FAQs Of Egg Tray Making Machine

Raw Materials For Making Paper Egg Trays?

Most of the paper materials can be recycled to make paper egg trays, such as waste paper boxes, used packaging paper, books, notebooks, A4 paper, newspaper paper, document paper, paper pulp, used egg trays, and others.

What's The Ratio Of Water To Paper?

The ratio of the pulp is 5 water to 1 paper or 6 water to 1 paper. It is the reference data for you on the basis of the high concentration hydraulic pulper that we equip.

What Is The Weight Of Paper Egg Trays?

Commonly, the weight of a wet paper egg tray is 270-350g. The weight of a dry egg tray is 80-100g. According to the demand of customers, we can add additives to adjust the weight.

What Is The Height of Paper Egg Tray?

Normal egg trays should not exceed 5cm. And abnormal egg trays should not exceed 8cm.

What Are The Shapes Of Paper Trays?

24 egg trays, 30 egg trays, 6 egg cartons, 10  egg cartons, 12 egg cartons, 18 egg cartons, apple trays, fruit trays, coffee cup trays, bottle trays, electronic packaging, shoe support trays, and other paper packagings products. It depends on the shape of the mold.

What Are Difference Between Plastic Mold And Aluminum Mold?

Service life: Plastic mold has 2-3 years of service life; aluminum mold has 5-8 years of service life.

Cost: Plastic mold is a free spare part. While, aluminum mold needs extra costs.

What Is The Manufacturing Period And Costs Of Aluminum Mold?

The manufacturing period of standard aluminum mold is 45 days. The price refers to different quality aluminum mold prices.

The manufacturing period of customized shape aluminum mold is 65 days. Besides the price of the mold, the customized shape cost is needed.

What Is The Dimension Of Paper Egg Tray?

290*290mm, 295*295mm, 300*300mm. We would confirm it clearly before manufacturing.

Could I Make Egg Trays, Egg Cartons, Or Other Trays With The Same Mold?

No. Different shapes of molds have different heights, areas, number and position of holes. If we put different molds on one side of the mold, it would affect the forming effect. We suggest that you make the same shape paper tray with one mold. If you want to make other paper trays, you need to change the molds.

What Is The Drying?

The drying is the process of removing extra water from wet paper egg trays. Burning the fuels to produce hot gas that would enter the drying room. The temperature of the drying room should keep about 200℃. Then, the circulation of hot air would take away the moisture in the wet paper trays. Then, dry finished trays are made.

What Are The Temparature and Area For Natural Drying?

If the temperature is about 30℃, it needs 6-7 hours for drying. If the temperature is about 40℃, it takes about 4-5 hours for drying.

For a 1000pcs capacity machine, it needs at least 500㎡ drying areas.

Differences Between Brick Drying Line And Metal Drying Line?

Drying time: The brick drying line takes about 20 minutes for drying. The metal drying line takes about 30 minutes for drying.

Temperatures in the drying room: In the brick drying room, it is 220-230℃. In the metal drying room, the upper layer is 200-210℃, the middle layer is 1500℃, and the lower layer is 80-90℃.

Installation: You need to prepare cement, brick, and cement board in advance. Meanwhile, you need to arrange workers to build brick drying lines. Building a brick drying line takes a long time. For a metal drying line, you don’t need to prepare any materials. You just need to assemble the drying line. It is easy for you. And it takes a short time for installation.

Fuel:  You can use coal; wood, natural gas, diesel oil, or liquefied petroleum gas as the fuel for the brick drying line. For a metal drying line, you can use LPC, LNG, diesel, or natural gas as the fuel.

Floor area: Brick drying lines need larger floor areas than metal drying lines.

Need Additives? And Percentages?

Commonly, there is no need for additives. If you need colorful paper egg trays, you can add the pigment. Before adding pigment to the hydraulic pulper, you need to calculate the pigment dosage on the basis of the weight of water and paper. Usually, 25kg pigments can color 30000 paper egg trays.

If you have a high demand for waterproofing, you can add a waterproofing agent. The waterproofing contains rosin, paraffin latex, and rosin paraffin wax gum. For non-bonded waste paper products pulp, you need to add 3% rosin sizing relative to pulp absolute fiber.

Where Could We Add the Additives?

You can add the pigments and waterproofing agent into the slurry pool.

What Are the Concentration of Homogenate Tank And Slurry Supply Tank Respectively?

According to different equipment plans, the demands of the homogenate tank are different. But finally, in the slurry supply tank, the concentration is about 1%.

What Size Of Impurity Can Be Separated By The Shaker?

Larger than 4mm impurities in diameter.

How To Adjust Pulp?

We have professional engineers who are responsible for adjustment. The proportion is about 6:1 and 5:1. On the basis of the out conditions of paper egg trays, we can adjust pulp again. We would make it satisfy your requirements.

What Is the Thickness of The Slurry Pool?

Take the length of your local bricks as the thickness of the slurry pool. The size of Chinese brick is 24*12 (L*W).

Do You Equip Electric Control Cabinet For Egg Tray Production Line?

Except that the model containing the control cabinet is specified in the arrangement sheet, we don’t equip electric control cabinet for other models of egg tray machines. If you need it, you can choose to equip it individually or make an electric control cabinet in your local place.

Numbers Of Automatic Pick-up Trays Machine?

It can be adjusted to your requirements. The common range is 70-120 pieces in China.

Is There Any Noise?

The noise is mainly from the vacuum pump. We have mature solutions to adopt related sound insulation measures to solve the noise problem.

What Is The Working Time Of Beater?

It takes about 20 minutes. The time can be adjusted on the condition of raw materials.

Do We Need To Equip Accessory Equipment?

  • Pick-up tray machine: It can make that the number of paper trays in each package is the same.
  • Baling press machine: It can save storage and transportation space.
  • Hot press machine: It can beautify the appearance of paper trays. It can make paper trays smooth and flat.
  • Vibrating screen: It can screen the impurities out and remove the impurities.
  • Fiberizer: It can make paper pulp more delicate.

We list the functions of accessory equipment for you above. You can choose what you need.

How To Make Paper Egg Trays More Distinctive?

You can customize the aluminum mold and add your company name or logo to the mold.

How Long Is The Warranty Time?

The warranty time is one year.

Besides installation Work, What Others Should We Do?

You need to assemble and adjust the whole machine. Customers also need to do civil work, and prepare water, electricity and fuel storage facilities.

How To Maintain?

Beston Group (bestoncompany.com) would provide a maintenance handbook for you. Customers can follow the recommendations in the handbooks to do the maintenance. Meanwhile, after-sales service staff of Beston Group would visit customers periodically to remind and guide the maintenance.


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