Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

Egg tray manufacturing machine is designed to make 30 egg trays. With the machine, kinds of used paper can be recycled into paper egg trays. Paper egg trays are a good choice for protecting eggs during transportation. A large number of eggs can be packaged well by paper egg trays. So, paper egg trays are widely used in the packaging industry. If you run a poultry farming business, welcome to get more information about egg tray manufacturing project. Beston Company would supply a high-performance egg tray manufacturing plant for you.

Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine
Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

What Can You Make With Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine?

Commonly, you can make 30 egg trays. If you want to make 24 egg trays, 6 egg cartons, 10  egg cartons, 12 egg cartons, 18 egg cartons, tell us your need. We can equip different moulds for you. Then, you can make what you need. Certainly, welcome to send samples of the paper trays. We can customize the shape and size for you.

30 Egg Tray
30 Egg Tray
30 Egg Tray
30 Egg Tray
6 Egg Carton
6 Egg Carton
10 Egg Carton
10 Egg Carton
12 Egg Carton
12 Egg Carton
18 Egg Carton
18 Egg Carton

What Raw Materials Are Used to Make Egg Trays?

  • Waste cartons
  • Waste books
  • Waste newspapers
  • Waste paper boxes
  • Book scraps
  • Recycled egg trays
  • Other waste paper materials

Proportion: Paper 1: Water 3

Besides the kinds of recycled waste paper, water is needed. You should pay attention to the proportion of them. From the raw materials, we can know that the cost of raw materials is low. There are tons of used paper in your city. With Beston egg tray manufacturing machine, you can turn them into paper trays. Then, you can use them to pack eggs to increase the eggs’ price. It is an eco-friendly and high profitable business project. So, feel free to contact Beston Company( now! We would provide professional information about raw materials for you. Meanwhile, we can help you to judge whether your raw materials are fit for manufacturing egg trays.

What Capacities of Egg Tray Manufacturing Machines?

Egg Tray Manufacturing Plant
Egg Tray Manufacturing Plant

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h

Notice that: The capacity of egg tray making machines for sale is 2500pcs-9000pcs per hour. You can work out the daily capacity on the basis of your local working hours. You can leave us the capacity that you are interested in. Then, we would give you the quotation soon.

What Is the Available Egg Tray Drying System?

Beston Group offers efficient multi-layer metal drying lines to all customers. The advantages of metal drying lines are small occupied areas and easy installation. You just need to assemble the metal drying line. In addition, it can adapt to factories of various sizes. Here is some basic information on the multi-layer metal drying line.

  • Fit for 2500pcs-9000pcs fully automatic egg tray machine;
  • Drying time: 20 minutes (automatic drying);
  • Fuel: LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas;
  • Small occupied area;
  • Easy installation.

The egg tray drying system plays an important role in the egg tray manufacturing process. If you need help from Beston Company to know more information about the drying system, just leave your message by clicking the “Get a Free Quotation” button.

6 Layer Metal Drying Line
6 Layer Metal Drying Line

Beston Egg Tray Manufacturing Plants Projects Around the World

Asia: India, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Iraq, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Russia, Syria, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan

Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Botswana, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Seychelles, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Namibia, Libya, Mozambique, Senegal

Europe: Hungary, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Germany

North America: Mexico, Dominica, Jamaica, Guatemala, the United States

South America: Peru, Chile, Columbia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador

How to Choose Suitable Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine From Beston?

As mentioned above, there are 5 models of egg tray manufacturing machines in Beston Company. In order to help you to buy the most appropriate machine, we would like to share some buying tips for you. Welcome to see them here.

1. Capacity: We supply 2500pcs-9000pcs machines for you to choose. You should confirm what capacity are you planning to invest in. For example, you want to make 25000 pieces of paper egg trays per day. Then, you can buy a set of BTF4-4 egg tray machine. If the work time is 10 hours every day, it’s easy for you to reach your production plan.

2. Fund: Some investors don’t have a clear capacity plan. If you are one of them, tell us your investment fund. We would pick out the most suitable machine and spare parts for you.

3. Your demands: Tell us your demands in advance. PLC, motor, and Aluminum mold can be customized. We supply custom services for all customers. Any special demands, tell us now! Our professional engineers would make a layout for you.

3D Layout of Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine
3D Layout of Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

What Should You Do To Start Egg Tray Manufacturing Business?

1. Market research.

Market research is the process of gathering information about the target customers, the feasibility of your product, competitors, and market prospect. Market research allows you to acquire the real needs of customers. By understanding your buyer’s demands and desired solutions, you can make what they really need to naturally appeal to them. So, make a survey of your local egg trays market. Then, you are one step closer to success.

2. Get a business certificate.

Contact your local government to obtain a business certificate. Meanwhile, you can get the environmentally friendly standard from the government. Then you can prepare the documents in advance. When the machine arrives, you can start to install it.

3. Find a reliable egg tray manufacturing machine manufacturer.

The goal of finding a reliable manufacturer is to buy high-quality machines and perfect after-sales service. For Beston Company, we have very high product quality and service standards. Because low-quality could potentially negatively impact the performance of the egg tray manufacturing units. So as to help the customers to make a success, we always insist to provide the first-class machine for customers.

4. Find a waste paper supplier.

Waster paper is the main raw material to make paper egg trays. Finding a long-term cooperative waste paper supplier can make sure the abundant raw material. Meanwhile, you can get more considerate cost to buy waste paper.

5. Get a land area.

A land area should be prepared to be applied to manufacturing paper egg trays. You can communicate with us, we would give you a suggestion for you. And, we would send the egg tray manufacturing machine layout for you. Then, you would know the land area clearly.

What’s Egg Tray Manufacturing Process?

1. Pulp Making: Put appropriate proportion of water and recycled paper into hydraulic pulper to make rough pulp. Then, the rough pulp will be refined further by the pulp beater in the homogenization pool. After the mixing, the right paper pulp is formed.

2. Molding: By the suction power of the vacuum pump, the paper pulp will be adsorbed up on egg tray mold. Through pressing, the egg trays are formed.

3. Drying: Utilize the high-temperature drying method to remove the extra water of the paper trays.

4. Packaging: After drying, paper egg trays can be stacked by the packing machine. Then, you can sell them on the market.

Beston One-stop Service For You

1. Make an egg tray manufacturing project analysis for you.

2. Provide customized service for you.

3. Manufacturing

4. Delivery

5. Installation

6. Traning workers how to operate and maintain the machine.

7. Regular visiting to help you to solve any problems you meet.

Beston Engineer Team
Beston Engineer Team

Egg tray manufacturing machine of Beston Company would enable you to make high-quality paper egg trays. What’s more, you would make a great deal of money from the egg tray manufacturing business. Feel free to contact Beston Company to get a competitive egg tray manufacturing machine price now! Also, you can buy apple tray making machine for sale from us.


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