EXPOMIN 2023 – Beston Group Is Coming In April 21st

Good news to all Latin American customers: Beston Group team will attend the EXPOMIN 2023 in Chile. At the same time, we will fly to Brazil to meet customers who are planning to cooperate with us. If you are in or planning to Chile and Brazil from April 21st to May 10th, welcome to contact Beston Group in advance. We will arrange the meeting time. Then, Beston Group team will give professional solutions for your project. Here, you can see the schedule arrangements of Beston Group:

April 21stArrival in Santiago, Chile
April 22nd-23rdPrepare for the EXPOMIN 2023 fair
April 24th to April 27thEXPOMIN 2023
Location: Parque Fisa Exhibition&Convention Center,Santiago,Chile
April 28th to April 29thMeeting with potential customers to promote cooperation on projects.
(Contact your project consultant if you're willing to communicate with BESTON face to face.)
April 30thLeaving Santiago, Chile
May 1stArrival in Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 2nd to May 10thMeeting with potential customers to promote cooperation on projects.
(Contact your project consultant if you're willing to communicate with BESTON face to face.)
May 10thLeaving Sao Paulo, Brazil

Detailed Information Of EXPOMIN 2023

  • Date: 24-27 April 2023;
  • Exhibition Venue: Parque Fisa Exhibition&Convention Center, Santiago, Chile;
  • Booth Number: 1-B50;
  • Participants: Alba Zhu, Lucas Wang, Forrest Huang, Lilian Chen.

EXPOMIN is the biggest mining exhibition in Latin America. Expomin gathers the largest and most diverse range of technologies, equipment, machinery, services, and supplies for the national and Latin American mining industry, with more than 1300 supplier companies that come from 36 different countries. Beston Group is expected to attend the EXPOMIN to learn and share environmental information with all participants.

What Beston Group Will Bring For All Participants?

Eco-friendly issues are becoming a high concern in the world. In the mining industry, more and more people are paying attention to environmental protection. Beston Group has received many related consultations from reputable mining companies. They all face the treatment of large scrap industrial and mining tires. For this, Beston Group can supply efficient solutions for them. Here, you can see what we can do for all customers:

  • Perfect and comprehensive solid waste treatment solutions (tyre to pyrolysis oil)
  • The latest developments and directions of the environmental protection industry
  • Professional project consultants and technicians
  • Rich project operation experience in Latin America
Pyrolysis Plant -To Process Tyre To Pyrolysis Oil
Pyrolysis Plant -To Process Tyre To Pyrolysis Oil

Beston Group team will fly to Chile and Brazil on April 21st, 2023. Want to achieve a win-win situation? Welcome to contact Beston Group now! We will talk about the project face to face. Believe, all doubts will be solved. And, you will experience Beston’s professional services.


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