Export BTF4-4 Paper Egg Tray Machine To Iraq

Good news! Recently, we exported a set of BTF4-4 paper egg tray making machine to Iraq. In Iraq, we once shipped and installed a set of BTF4-4 and BTF1-4 machine. From the feedback of customers, we know paper egg tray is a kind of popular paper packaging product in Iraq. If you are seeking for paper recycling business, welcome to get information from Beston Group.

Loading BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine to Iraq
Loading BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine to Iraq

Details Of Paper Egg Tray Making Project In Iraq

  • Model: BTF4-4
  • Capacity: 2500-3000 pieces per hour
  • End product: 30 paper egg tray

The Iraqi customer runs a chicken farm. He needs paper egg trays to package a good deal of eggs. Therefore, he decides to purchase an egg tray machine to make paper egg trays. Meanwhile, he plans to sell paper egg trays to the surrounding farms to make profits. It is a good business chance for the customer. Believe he would make a success in the future.

Delivery And Installation of BTF4-4 Egg Tray Making Machine In Iraq

Manufacturing time: 20 workdays
Export port: Tianjin Port
Destination port: Umm Qasr Port
It is estimated that the BTF4-4 egg tray making machine would arrive in Iraq at the end of July. As scheduled, we would arrange the installation engineer to guide his project through video, WhatsApp. We would solve all questions in the whole installation process for the customer. You don’t need to worry about it.

PLC Control System to Iraq
PLC Control System to Iraq
Hydropulper to Iraq
Hydropulper to Iraq
Components of BTF4-4 to Iraq
Components of BTF4-4 to Iraq

In The End

The Iraq customer has a good impression of Beston Group. He said: “ You are so patient and careful in the whole project communication. Your reply is always professional and timely. Thanks. ” It is from the Iraq customer. If you want to invest paper egg tray making business in Iraq, feel free to contact Beston Group now!


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