French Customer Order Charcoal Machine For Soil Remediation

Good news! It is time for shipping the BST-05 charcoal making machine to France. We have informed the customer about the delivery. Meanwhile, we provide some pictures of shipment for him. Welcome to see the pictures and introduction to get more about the charcoal making project in France.

BST-05 Charcoal Making Machine to France
BST-05 Charcoal Making Machine to France

Why Does The French Customer Want To Start Charcoal Making Project?

In order to provide stable safe foods, it is feasible for people to adopt some effective ways to improve soil conditions. The customer knows that charcoal is a kind of remediation material for soil. In his opinion, soil remediation is a meaningful and necessary thing. At the same time, he thinks that investing in charcoal making business would make high profits in the long run. Therefore, he decided to start the charcoal making project in France.

Delivery of BST-05 To France
Delivery of BST-05 To France
Loading BST-05 Machine to France
Loading BST-05 Machine to France
Loading Components of BST-05 Machine to France
Loading Components of BST-05 Machine to France

What Can Beston Group Supply For The French Customer?

It is our honor that the customer chooses Beston as the cooperator. We can supply a one-stop solution to help the customer to meet the customer’s demands. Here, you can see what we do for the French customer:

Investigating customer’s demands: So as to provide the most suitable project plan for him, we ask him some questions. Through communication, we know that he wants to get charcoal from recycling spruce wood. And, he would use the charcoal in the soil remediation. Beston charcoal machine can totally satisfy his demands. So, we begin to have deeper communication.

Confirm model: We list the capacity and price of suitable models for him. Through comparison, he orders the BST-05 charcoal making machine.

Confirm configuration: We show him the standard configuration of the BST-05 machine for him. And, we introduce all functions of every component of BST-05. He is satisfied with the standard configuration. Then, he chooses the standard BST-05 machine. Also, he chooses a condenser system for his project. After confirming this, we begin the manufacturing work of the BST-05 machine.

Installation service: The customer chooses the online installation guidance. When BTS-05 arrives in France, Beston professional engineer would start the installation guidance.

We just list some of Beston’s services for the customer. If you want to make charcoal, please contact Beston now!


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