How to Distinguish the Quality of the Paper Egg Tray Making Machine?

Many customers do not know how to judge the quality when purchasing the paper egg tray making machine. It is no doubt that the pulp molding machine is the key part for the whole production line. But how to distinguish the quality of it? Today, I will introduce the following tips to you.

1. Customers can ask the manufacturer to start the pulp molding machine so as to identify its stability. There are no vibrations and noises when the machine works normally.

Quality of Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
Quality of Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

2. Positional accuracy. Observe the tolerance clearance between the shape mold and transfer mold to see whether the clearance is consistent. Observe the four angles of the interface element of the mold. When the tolerance clearance is 1mm, it is optimal. If you choose the multidimensional pulp molding machine, you should observe whether the clearance between the shape mold and transfer mold has reached the optimum when the machine is working.

3. Check whether the material of the paper egg tray machinery is standard and reasonable. The international channel should be chosen as the frame of the host. The axis of the host should choose 45 # solid carbon steel, which has perfect flexibility. It is better for the template and sink to choose the material which is lighter and has the advantage of corrosion resistance.

4. Check the gear case, which is the key part of the host.

5. The wear-resisting and dehydration sealing parts should choose wear-resistant material. Our company chooses brass and stainless steel as sealing pad. These two kinds of materials have no corrosion and are wear-resistant!

The all above are some tips about how to distinguish the quality of the paper egg tray making machine. Hope to be helpful to you!


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