Indian Customer Visited Beston Egg Tray Making Machine

Indian customer came to China and visited Beston in March. Before he came, we had talked about the egg tray production line. He wanted to see the actual working condition of the paper egg tray making machine. Therefore, he set about to visit our factory. Meanwhile, he saw our running egg tray machine.

Indian Customer Visited Beston
Indian Customer Visited Beston
Indian Customer In Manufacturing Site
Indian Customer In Manufacturing Site

After visiting, he was satisfied with our paper egg tray plant. Also, he knew more about our egg tray drying line. He said he preferred to choose a metal egg tray drying line to dry wet paper egg trays. When he left, he told us that he would love to choose us as a cooperative partner. He would like to install the egg tray machine in India.

In Beston, we can supply you 1000pcs, 1500pcs, 2000pcs, 2500pcs, 3000-5000pcs, 5000-6000pcs paper egg tray machine for you. You can choose an appropriate one for your business project.


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