Industrial Packaging Machine

Beston industrial packaging machine enables you to make a variety of industrial paper packaging products. Beston Group offers professional and custom industrial packaging solutions for all customers. Are you looking for an industrial packing machine to start the paper packaging business? Welcome to find the most suitable machine from Beston.

Industrial Packaging Machine
Industrial Packaging Machine

Industrial Packaging Machine – Find What You Can Make

With Beston’s industrial packaging system, you can make kinds of paper industrial packaging products, such as fruit trays, egg boxes, electrical linings, paper flower pots, seedling trays, protective septa, disposable medical appliances, paper masks, paper decoration materials, etc. They can be used for inner packaging or outer packaging. They are a good protective layer. Welcome to tell us the shape that you want to make.

Electronic Packing Tray
Electronic Packing Tray
Appliance Packaging
Appliance Packaging
Seeding Tray
Seeding Tray
Coffee Cup Tray
Coffee Cup Tray
Paper Masks
Paper Masks
Disposable Bedpan
Disposable Bedpan
Paper Flower Spots
Medical Bottle Tray
Medical Bottle Tray

Find Raw Materials To Make Industrial Packaging Products

  • Paper raw material: Waste cardboard, document paper, boxboard paper, virgin cardboard, and so on;
  • Biomass fiber raw materials: Bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, and others.

Used paper products and some biomass fiber are good raw materials. Beston industrial packaging machinery can process these materials into valuable industrial packaging products. You can choose one of them on the basis of your condition. If you need to buy the raw materials, just pick the cheaper one. It would save your investment costs.

Note: If you use fiber as the raw material, it’s better for you to equip the fiber pulping machine. With a fiber pulping machine, you can make higher-quality industrial packaging products. Then, your industrial packaging products would be sold well in the market.

Profits Analysis Of Industrial Packaging Machine – Get High ROI

Are you wondering whether it is profitable to invest in an industrial packaging machine? 
– Yes. I can tell you in responsibility. Let’s prove it with data on the following data.

It takes the BGB-2 Industrial packaging equipment with natural drying system as an example. The following table data is on the basis of the UK market. Per year, you can make approximately $335,550.88 in net margins. What a high ROI business project it is! Believe you would feel delighted to see this. Let Beston ( help you to start the business now! Certainly, we can calculate the accurate profits on the market data of your country together!

Return on Investment of BGB-2 Industrial Packaging Equipment
Project name BGB-2 Industrial packaging equipment with natural drying system
Introduction According to the market data of the UK, the estimated ROI report, the various expenses are as follows:
Item Details Unit Unit price/USD Quantity Amount/USD Total amount Remark
Fixed Investment Cost Equipment BGB-2 Set 42020.00 1.00 42020.00
Transportation From China to Southampton Set 6000.00 1.00 6000.00
From Southampton Port to Site Set 1600.00 1.00 1600.00
Customs tax 15% Set 6303.00 1.00 6303.00
Installation Beston technician’s salary Day 350.00 15.00 5250.00
Round-trip airtickets Ea 1600.00 2.00 3200.00
Visa Ea 300.00 1.00 300.00
Local welder Day 93.00 10.00 930.00 1 welder
Local plumber Day 93.00 10.00 930.00 1 plumber
Local labor Day 93.00 30.00 2790.00 2 labors
Crane forklift Day 50.00 15.00 750.00
Materials Installation materials ready Set 10000.00 1.00 10000.00 Bricks, Foundation, pipe, etc.
License Ea 2000.00 1.00 2000.00 Environmental, firefighting, etc.
Workshop 200 2100.00 12.00 25200.00 Rent in rural area
Operating Cost Raw materials Waste paper Ton 164.00 0.80 131.20 10 hours per day working
Water / 2.30 2.00 4.60
Electricity / KWH 23.00 770.00 17710.00 77kw/hx10
Fuel Natural gas / / /
Labor / People 93.00 2.00 186.00
Maintenance / Day 5.00 1.00 5.00
Depreciation 8 years Day 44.70 1.00 44.70
Tax 5% 0.00
End Products Price Egg box 3000 pieces per hour Pieces 0.64 30000.00 19200.00
Subsidy Ton 0.00 0.00 0.00
Daily Income US$1,118.50
Monthly Income Working day Day 25 US$27,962.57
Yearly Income Working day Day 300 US$335,550.88

Industrial Packaging Machine Price

The industrial packaging machine price is about $19,900. From the above profit analysis table, we know that the price is a very small amount of money. Compared with the $335,550.88 yearly income, you can make 16 times the money. So, hurry up to begin your project right away!

Note: It is the price of the standard configuration. If you choose custom services, the price will be different.

Industrial Packing Machine
Industrial Packing Machine
Industrial Packaging System
Industrial Packaging System

Models and Specification of Industrial Packaging Equipment

From the following specification table, we know that there are two types of industrial packaging machines for sale. The difference between them is the capacity. You can choose one according to your capacity demands.

BGB-1 – Single Station

Capacity/h: 7200(Mould Template)station

BGB-1 Industrial Packaging Machine
BGB-1 Industrial Packaging Machine
BGB-2 – Double Station

Capacity/h: 14400(Mould Template)station

BGB-2 Industrial Packaging Machine
BGB-2 Industrial Packaging Machine
Model Mould Template Size Capacity(24h) Equipment size weight Final Trays height(Max.) Power Labor needed
BGB-1 600*800 7200(Mould Template)station 1300*2200*3800 1T 75mm 500w 1
BGB-2 600*800 14400(Mould Template)station 2800*2200*3800 1.8T 75mm 500w 1

Unique Design And Advantages Of Industrial Packaging Machinery

Easy to Replace the Mold
Stable Output
High-qualified Rate of End Products
Easy Maintenance
Optimized Ergonomic Operation

Certificates Of Beston Industrial Packaging Machine

EMS Certification of Industrial Packaging Machine

QMS Certification of Industrial Packaging Machine

CE Certificate of Industrial Packaging Machine

Components Of Industrial Packaging Machine For Sale

Components Of Industrial Packaging Machine

Working Process Of Beston Industrial Packaging Machine

The working processes of the Beston industrial packing machine are pulp – homogenization – feeding – forming – drying – trimming (according to demand) – packing. Want to know a detailed introduction of the working process? Please see the following information:

Pulp: With the pulping system, process the raw materials (waste paper, virgin pulp board, or biomass fiber) into high-consistency pulp.

Homogenization: In homogenizing tank, you need to add water. Then, stir the high-consistency pulp and water to form appropriate concentration pulp.

Feeding and forming: With a pump, you can put the pulp into the molding system. According to the different mold shapes, the different shapes of paper packaging products can be made.

Drying: Wet paper industrial packaging products can be dried under the sun. Or, you can choose our hot press machine to remove the excess moisture.

Trimming: According to demand, you can cut the extra parts of paper packaging products with a trimming machine.

Packaging: Package the end products together with a packaging machine. It is easy for transportation.

Working Process Of Beston Industrial Packaging Machine
Working Process Of Beston Industrial Packaging Machine

Running Test Video Of BGB-2 Industrial Paper Packaging Machine

In The End

Industrial packaging machine uses specific molds to process waste paper or fiber raw materials into a particular shape packaging product. The paper packaging product can protect and store fruit, egg, electrical, flower, seedling, disposable medical appliances, and others. If you are interested in the project, please share the capacity demand, shapes of end products, factory floor, and project time with us. Then, we will provide the most suitable solution that aligns with your business goals. Welcome to contact Beston Group now! See Pinterest to find more pictures.



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