Main Components of Pyrolysis Machine For Sale:

Main Components of Pyrolysis Machine For Sale:

As leading one of pyrolysis plant manufacturers, Beston guarantees all components are well designed and tested thousands of times. All components are of good quality and long life span. Here, we would give an introduction of some of the components for you:

“Three in One” System
“Three in One” System
Dedusting System
Dedusting System
Pyrolysis Reactor
Pyrolysis Reactor

1. “Three in One” System:

It refers to the integrated system of condenser, hydroseal and oil tank. The system has many advantages:

  • Small occupied area
  • Operating safety
  • Good condensation effect
  • Simple assembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low transportation cost
  • Non-clogging: It adopts a thick pipeline.

The unique “three in one” system of pyrolysis unit has been proved and tested repeatedly. And it has received good feedback from many customers. What’s more, it becomes the main choice trend for customers.

2. Dedusting System

It contains water washing, water spray, ceramic ring adsorption and activated carbon adsorption. Dedusting system of waste plastic and waste rubber pyrolysis plant adopts 5.5KW or 7.5KW high-power centrifugal fan with full pressure from 2002 to 2604Pa, which can effectively remove the dust generated by the reactor system and effectively avoid the dust from the reactor emission into the atmosphere. The atomizing tower adopts Bauer magnetic ring and spray device. And the effective height of the chimney is about 7 meters, ensuring that the smoke exhaust can reach the white atomized state and can meet the emission standard. In order to reach higher emission standards, an activated carbon adsorption tower can be added according to customer demand.

3. Pyrolysis Reactor Design

A. The body and door plate of the pyrolysis reactor has 16mm thickness. Internal chasing has 12mm thickness. The 80mm thickness insulated cotton and strip thickness ensure a longer service life and better insulation effect.

B. Reactor of Beston adopts a large ring gear structure that is larger than other pyrolysis machine manufacturers. Also, the ring gear uses the ZG310-570 that guarantees endure toughness, high hardness, and wear resistance. Compared with sprocket transmission and belt transmission and other transmission modes, gear drive has superior stability, accuracy, easy installation, durability of service life, and easy maintenance.

4. Ball Valve

It adopts an uploading hemisphere eccentric ball valve that has the advantages of easy operation and rapid open-close operation. Inside the ball valve, it adopts a high sealing structure that has high sealing, corrosion-resistant, and heat-resistant (600℃). The material of our ball valve is mainly made of cast steel. These characteristics of our ball valve make it be greatly superior to the same industry pyrolysis equipment manufacturers using the common ball valve.

Besides the above unique components, you can get more advanced machine from Beston. Want to know more, contact us now!


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