Mechanical Property and Application of Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

The production line of molded pulp products is a whole set of equipments, which can produce all kinds of molded pulp products by adopting waste paper as raw material. Through pulping, if necessary, with appropriate chemical materials, the pulp is made from waste paper. Through molding, the molded pulp products will be made from the pulp. By changing the molds, paper egg tray making machine can be widely used to produce all kinds of molded pulp products, such as apple trays, shoe support, bottle trays, cup trays and so on.

Application of Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
Application of Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

The main functionality of the molded pulp products is to package and protect commodities, which are very convenient and practical. Molded pulp products are able to reliably accommodate packing provisions of the commodities so that the commodities are not damaged in the process of transportation. Molded pulp products can also meet the requirements of strength, stiffness, stability and safety.

The molded pulp products have positive influence on the improvement of people’s living quality and the protection of the environment. What’s more, molded pulp is a kind of new technique, which is very popular in the world. With the development of the market economy and enlargement of the commodity circulation, it will develop rapidly. Therefore, paper egg tray manufacturing machine has wide market prospect and strong vitality.


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