Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Mobile pyrolysis plant is designed with a movable base. All the equipment of the machine is assembled in the base. It is easy for you to transport the machine or move it between different locations. Compared with the standard pyrolysis plant, it is a portable and small machine. The mobile pyrolysis unit is the newest design machine. If you are interested, welcome to know more about it from the following introduction.

Mobile Pyrolysis Plant
Mobile Pyrolysis Plant Is Ready For Shipping

Video Show Of Beston Mobile Pyrolysis Unit

Specifications of Beston Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Currently, Beston has just designed the BLJ-3 model for the mobile pyrolysis unit. Here, we list the detailed specifications for you to know more about the BLJ-3 machine. Pay attention to the specifications. Then, you can decide whether the BLJ-3 pyrolysis machine is suitable for your pyrolyzing project. If you find it is the ideal machine, welcome to contact us to get the price list now! Certainly, welcome all customers to get more specifications from Beston. We are glad to help you to make a choice.

Working ProcessBatch
Reactor Sizeφ1400*4900mm
Reactor MaterialQ345R
Drive System350 reducer+4kw drive motor
Land (L*W*H)18m*4.2m*6m
Burner2*200,000 kcal
Total Weight of Shipped MaterialsAbout 18t
Number of Containers1*40HQ
Noise (dB)≤60
Heating MaterialsFuel oil (including tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil), natural gas, LPG, diesel, etc.
Condensing SystemVertical Condenserφ426*3000
Single piece condensing area
3-in-1 Condenser3000*2200*2250
Condensing area

Special Features and Advantages of Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Installation Done Before Loading
Installation Done Before Loading
One 40HQ for Transportation
One 40HQ for Transportation
Base Style Movable
Base Style Movable
1. Mobility – easy for relocating your projects

Mobile pyrolysis plant is also can be called a skid-mounted pyrolysis plant. The machinery is permanently mounted onto a skid at the point of manufacture. So, it is easy for moving to relocate a new pyrolyzing project. It is particularly suitable for investors who want to change and relocate their projects.

2. Compact layout – save factory floor

The floor area of the Beston portable pyrolysis plant is 11m*2.2m*2.4m. Pyrolysis reactor, casing, manifold, residual oil tank, flue gas condenser, de-dusting tower, “three-in-one” system, and all other spare parts are assembled in the skid mount platform. Therefore, it has a small factory floor.

3. Convenient transportation – 1*40HQ for transportation

With a compact layout design, it just needs a 40 feet high cube for transportation. With the rising of ocean freight, it would greatly save your transportation costs. A BLJ-3 mobile and small pyrolysis plant can satisfy the demands of small-scale investors perfectly.

4. Easy installation – done before loading container

All components of the BLJ-3 portable pyrolysis machine are mounted onto the base. Meanwhile, an electric control cabinet with a circuit is also installed well in the base. When you get the BLJ-3 machine, you just need to connect the circuit following the instruction we provided. Then, you can start to process plastic, tire, oil sludge into fuel oil. You don’t need to spend much time doing the installation items. And, you don’t need to hire a lot of workers to complete the installation. It is totally easy and cost-effective for the investors.

5. Safety operation design
  • The alarm of over temperature or pressure;
  • Electric control thermocouple;
  • The mechanical pressure and temperature gauge;
  • Combustible gas anti-back-burning device (water seal);
  • Automatic pressure relief valve (airbag)

3D Layout of Mobile Pyrolysis Unit For Sale

Do you want to know the layout of the mobile pyrolysis unit? Have you wondered about how to achieve mobility with the BLJ-3 machine? Here, we would like to show you a 3D layout of the BLJ-3 tyre pyrolysis machine for your reference. You would find the pyrolysis reactor, casing, manifold, residual oil tank, flue gas condenser, de-dusting tower, “three-in-one” system, electric control cabinet, and other spare parts are all in one base. I believe you would be amazed at its compact layout design. If you are a small investor, buy the BLJ-3 mobile pyrolysis plant to start your business right now! You don’t even have to build the factory. How economic and practical it is!

3D Layout of Mobile Pyrolysis Unit
3D Layout of Mobile Pyrolysis Unit

Successful Cases of Beston Portable Pyrolysis Machine

BLJ-3 Mobile Plant to Oman

Through several times of communications, we know the customer’s actual demand. And, we recommend the BLJ-3 machine for him. He was satisfied with the compact layout and capacity of the BLJ-3 machine. Then, he placed the order. After manufacturing and test running, Beston had shipped the BLJ-3 mobile plant to Oman in In October 2021. Now, the customer starts the small pyrolysis project to dispose of oil sludge in Oman. Here, you can see the delivery pictures of the BLJ-3 oil sludge pyrolysis machine:

BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Plant to Oman
BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Plant to Oman

BLJ-3 Portable Plant to Paraguay

Beston Company had shipped the BLJ-3 mobile pyrolysis machine to Paraguay in April 2021. With the features of small investment cost and small factory floor, he was glad to buy the machine from Beston. He said: ” It’s so excited to see the BLJ-3 machine. Now, we prepare to set about the tire pyrolyzing business project. Looking forward to getting more help from your team. Thanks for your guidance in the whole transaction process.

BLJ-3 Portable Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay
BLJ-3 Portable Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay

BLJ-3 Mobile Machine to Bangladesh

In December 2021, a set of Beston BLJ-3 machine was shipped to Bangladesh. The BLJ-3 machine in Bangladesh is used to process waste plastic. Bangladesh became the first country in the world to ban plastic and polythene bags considering the drastic effect on the environment in 2002. The government encourages people to find new and eco-friendly ways to tackle plastic pollution. So, pyrolyzing plastic is an eco-friendly way to dispose of plastic. Therefore, the Bangladesh customer ordered the BLJ-3 from Beston. Get pyrolysis plant cost from Beston.

BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Plant to Bangladesh
BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Plant to Bangladesh
Loading of BLJ-3 to Bangladesh
Loading of BLJ-3 to Bangladesh

Processable Raw Materials for Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Raw materials Examples
Plastic (≤0.5t/d) PP, PE, PS, ABS, etc.;
Whole tire (≤2t/d) Big car tires, truck tires, OTR tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, etc.;
Rubber particles (≤1t/d) Rubber cable sheath, rubber soles, and all the other kinds of rubber sheets or carpets;
Oil sludge (≤3t/d) Floor oil sludge, tank bottom oil sludge, refinery oil sludge, crude oil sludge, petroleum sludge, engine oil sludge, etc.
Used Tires
Used Tires
Waste Plastic
Waste Plastic
Oil Sludge From Oil Field
Oil Sludge From Oil Field

End Products of Portable Pyrolysis Machine

Raw materials End Products
Plastic Fuel oil, carbon black;
Tire/Rubber Fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, combustible gas;
Oil sludge Fuel oil, water, sand.
Fuel Oil From Mobile Pyrolysis Plant
Fuel Oil From Mobile Pyrolysis Plant
Carbon Black From Mobile Pyrolysis Unit
Carbon Black From Mobile Pyrolysis Unit

Applications of End Products of Portable Pyrolysis Plant

All end products can be sold directly to make money. Here, Beston Company would like to share the applications of the end products with you. Also, you can reprocess the end products to get higher economic value. If you want to know more information about the applications, welcome to contact us to get a timely reply.

Pyrolysis Oil • Can be used as industrial fuel materials for burning;

• Reprocessed into non-standard diesel by waste oil distillation machine.

Carbon Black • Make carbon brick with briquetting equipment;

• Reprocessed into high-quality carbon by the carbon black processing plant.

Combustible Gas • Can be recycled as fuel to heat the reactor.

Processing Time of Mobile Pyrolysis Unit

The whole processing time is about 14.5 hours. In each time period, there is new progress. Here, we would like to share the process in each time period with you. Find the useful information here:

  • 0: Feed raw materials ( tyre, rubber, plastic, oil sludge );
  • 0.5h: Start the heating;
  • 1.5h: Recycle the combustible gas as the assisted heating;
  • 4.5h: Oil production is finished;
  • 13.5h: Cooling is finished;
  • 14.5h: Slag discharging is finished.
Processing Time of Mobile Pyrolysis Plant
Processing Time of Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Working Process of Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Working Process of Mobile Pyrolysis Plant
Working Process of Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Profits Analysis of Mobile Pyrolysis Unit (Brazil As The Example)

Financial Analysis – Brazil
Daily running cost:
Item Cost per unit ($) Total ($)
Material (ton) 1.5t waste tires 0 0
Fuel 60kg/h tire fuel 0 0
Power 15kw/h 0.2 54
Labors 1 worker 25 25
Depreciation 25
Tax (Free from tax for Environmental Protection Project) 0
Other expenses 21
Total cost 125
Daily gross profit:
GOV financial subsidy
Tyre oil 0.67t/d 417 279.39
steel 0.18t/d 179 32.22
Carbon black 0.45t/d 50 22.5
Total gross profit 334.11
Pure profit:
Daily profit 209.11
Monthly (25 working days) 5227.75
Annual (10 months) 52277.5

Configuration List of BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Mobile Pyrolysis Unint For Sale
Mobile Pyrolysis Unint For Sale
Module Item Description Unit Quantity
Reactor Module Reactor Ø1400*4900*16mm set 1
  Casings 700*3900mm set 1
  Reactor base   set 1
  Thermal insulation   set 1
  Drive 4kw/h set 1
Manifold Module Soft connector DN300 pc 1
  Manifold Ø700*1250mm set 1
  Sludge oil tank Ø400*800mm set 1
Oil Condenser Module Oil condensers 3000*2200*2250mm set 1
  Oil storage tank      
  Water pump 2.2kw set 1
De-dusting Module Spray tower Ø700*1300mm, 2.2kw set 1
  Water tank 950*810*610mm set 1
  Draft fan 3kw set 1
  Flue condenser Ø273*3500mm, 2.2kw set 1
  Chimney Ø273*3000mm pc 1
Heating Module Flame arrester DN50 set 1
  Exhaust gas burner   set 3
  Blower 250w set 3
Control Control Cabinet   set 1
Other Accessories   set 1


Mobile pyrolysis plant is fit for new starters and small-scale business projects. Accelerate your project with our BLJ-3 portable pyrolysis plants. The BLJ-3 machine offers many advantages over conventional on-site construction. You don’t need to spend much time and money on building the pyrolysis factory. Beston is a professional pyrolysis plant manufacturer. So, get timely help from Beston Company to start your business now! Send your demands, then you would get the most professional reply from Beston.


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