On the Way to Australia: BST-05PRO Wood Charcoal Machine Shipment

Recently, an Australian customer has ordered a set of BST-05PRO charcoal machine to treat wood chips. The customer plans to use the machine for soil remediation and carbon market investment. After a 45-day production cycle, the machine has been shipped from Qingdao Port, China. It is expected to arrive in Australia on August 8, 2023. Now let’s delve into more information.

Ship BST-05PRO Wood Charcoal Machine to Australia
Ship BST-05PRO Wood Charcoal Machine to Australia

Solutions to Challenges in the Carbonization Project

Challenge 1: The Australian customer’s factory has already laid the foundation, and it cannot be altered. Therefore, it is not possible to excavate the foundation according to the standard scheme.

Beston Solution: Our engineers have suggested laying a base underneath the carbonization machine to increase its height. This approach resolves the foundation problem without altering the existing structure.

Challenge 2: Due to the construction site constraints, the Australian customer is unable to build a water pool as required by the standard scheme.

Beston Solution: Considering the site conditions, our engineers have proposed using a water tank instead of a water pool. This alternative greatly reduces the construction complexity while still ensuring efficient operation.

Biochar Machine Delivered to Australia in 2023
Biochar Machine Shipped to Australia

What Attracts The Australian Customer to Choose Beston Group

Expertise in Carbonization Equipment Showcase

We recently conducted live streaming of our BST-05PRO wood charcoal making machine on YouTube. The live streaming provides the Australian customer with an intuitive understanding of the biochar production process of the BST-05PRO equipment model. The Australian customer has praised our professionalism during the live streaming.

Accessible Certification for Carbon Market Investment

As the carbon credit market demands high-quality biochar, our Australian customer needs a machine that could be certified by the carbon removal platform, Puro.earth. Actually, many customers who have purchased Beston biochar machines for carbon market investment have been licensed by Puro.earth platform. This proves that our equipment can meet the investment needs of our Australian customer.

Earnest Service Attitude of Solving Customer Problems

Throughout the communication process, our project consultants and engineers promptly and professionally addressed the customer’s queries. This positive service attitude deepens customers’ trust in the Beston brand and our machines.

BST-05PRO Equipment Model Equipment Shipped to Australia

Wood Charcoal Machine in Australia


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