Paper Egg Tray Making Machine: Food Packaging Machine Tends to Be More Energy Efficient

The trend of our times is high efficiency and energy-conservation, which is not only reflected in home industries bu also in food packaging industries such as paper egg tray making machine.

The fast pace of life has driven all things around and the packaging industries is no exception. The production efficiency has become a standard for many enterprises. Because the high efficiency can make the cost of production be lowered and satisfy the date of delivery. Paper egg tray making machine is one of examples in food packaging industries. Through paper egg tray equipment, we can produce countless egg trays in a short time, which can increase the efficiency of production of egg trays and save a lot of energy.

Paper Egg Tray Machine To Make Paper Trays
Paper Egg Tray Machine To Make Paper Trays

The pulp molding technology of paper egg tray making machine adopted is one in which the mold is lowered into the pulp slurry vat where the slurry is formed on the mold with the aid of the vacuum pump sucking in both the fiber and water. The mold is then lifted up, fixing into the counter-mold. The suction effect from the vacuum pump is transferred to the counter-mold where the molded product is received, all the while, still sucking water from the product. The product is removed from the counter-mold when the suction is blocked and taken for further drying to the desired moisture content.

With the development of technology, paper egg tray will be developed toward more energy efficient direction.


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