Paper Pulp Moulding Machine

Paper pulp moulding machine is used to make paper egg trays, egg cartons, apple trays, fruit trays, bottle trays, coffee cup trays, and so on. The end products are made from recycled paper and can be recycled again after their useful life-cycle. With the machine, a large amount of waste paper can be dealt with in an effective and eco-friendly way. Therefore, pulp molding machinery has been playing an important role in the packaging industry. If you want to do the paper packaging business, contact Beston now! You will make high profits from the project.

Paper Egg Tray
Paper Egg Tray
Paper Egg Carton
Paper Egg Carton
Paper Apple Tray
Paper Apple Tray
Coffee Cup Tray
Coffee Cup Tray

Successful Cases of Beston Pulp Molding Machinery

Because of high quality, high capacity, and reasonable price, Beston pulp molding machine has been exported to 70+ countries around the world. If you want to know more about the cases of paper egg tray making machine, contact us, now!

Asia: India, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Iraq, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Russia, Syria, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan

Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Botswana, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Seychelles, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Namibia, Libya, Mozambique, Senegal

Europe: Hungary, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Germany

North America: Mexico, Dominica, Jamaica, Guatemala, the United States

South America: Peru, Chile, Columbia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador

Specifications of Pulp Moulding Machine For Sale

Paper Pulp Moulding Machine
Paper Pulp Moulding Machine
Forming Mould Quantity34121632404864
Total Power32kw36-60kw55-74kw58-88kw127-144kw153-190kw226-239kw374.2
Electricity Consumption23.1kw/h29.4kw/h37.59kw/h57.4kw/h89kw/h113kw/h156kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand3-54-64-64-64-65-76-86-8
Material ConsumptionPaper85kg/h102kg/h170kg/h212kg/h298kg/h425kg/h520kg/h640kg/h
Fuel Consumption
(Multi-layer Metal Drying)
Natural Gas25-35m³30-40m³35-45m³48-58m³60-70m³75-85m³90-100m³120-130m³

3D Layout of Pulp Molding Machine For Sale

3D Layout Of Pulp Molding Machine For Sale
3D Layout Of Pulp Molding Machine For Sale

Paper Pulp Molding Process- How to Make Molded Pulp

The molded pulp, also named the molded pulp, is typically made from waste paper. There are four steps in the manufacturing process. As a professional pulp molding machine manufacturer, we would like to show you how to make molded pulp here:

Pulp Making Process:
  • Rough pulp form: put the raw materials (waste paper, waste newspaper, waste carton, etc) into a hydraulic pulper. Under the power of water, kinds of waste paper will be made into rough pulp.
  • Pulp adjustment: then, the rough pulp will flow into the homogenization pool to be refined further with the pulp beater in the homogenization pool.
Molding Process:
  • Pulp supply: the appropriate percentage of pulp will flow into the finished pulp pool. Then, the pulp pump will transfer the pulp to the forming machine.
  • Molded pulp forming: through the suction function of the vacuum pump, the paper pulp will be adsorbed up on molds to form egg trays and other end products. Then, through the blowing force from an air compressor, the end products will drop off from molds.
Drying Process:

Wet pulp molding products need to be conveyed to the drying room for removing extra water. Here, you can see the drying ways:

  • Metal drying line: multi-layer metal drying line can save covered areas greatly. It also depends on the belt conveyor for transporting wet egg trays to the drying room. When you choose this drying type, a metal drying line just needs to be assembled when you receive the goods. Natural gas or diesel is available for fuel.
Packing Process:

Pulp molded products will be pressed with a hot press machine and packed by the baling press.

Working Process Of Paper Pulp Molding Machine
Working Process Of Paper Pulp Molding Machine

Are you clear about the process? Certainly, you can see the pulp molding machine youtube to get more information.

Tips on Choosing Reliable Paper Pulp Moulding Machine Manufacturers

When you plan to invest paper packaging industry, you need to find a reliable manufacturer to purchase the pulp moulding plant. Here, we would like to give some tips on choosing a reliable manufacturer for your reference:

High Quality – CE, ISO Certificates

High quality is an essential factor when you are buying pulp molding machines. How to compare the quality from different manufacturers? Besides comparing appearance and technology,  it’s better to pay attention to the certificates that the company had got. Commonly, an authoritative company has several certificates. You would get a high-performance egg carton making machine from a reliable manufacturer.

Competitive Pulp Molding Machine Price:

All customers want to buy one machine at competitive prices. It is reasonable for a buyer. While, you need to balance the quality and price. An appropriate price can guarantee the quality of the machine. After all, reliable manufacturers set the price on the basis of manufacturing cost and market price. All customers think that the paper pulp molding machine of Beston has a reasonable price and satisfying quality. Rest assured to purchase the pulp moulded machinery from Beston now.

Successful Cases:

Cases can show the comprehensive strength of pulp molding equipment manufacturers. Abundant successful cases are the testify of product quality, pre-sale and after-sale service. If they have lots of successful cases, they are worthy of cooperation. For Beston, our machines have been exported to 70+ countries. Contact Beston right now!

Delivery Time:

Time: 45 workdays (standard configuration); 60 workdays (customized configuration)

When you buy paper pulp molding machinery, you need to confirm the delivery time with the manufacturers. You can start your business earlier if you choose a manufacturer who promises you a short delivery time.

Installation Service:

Installation service is a plus factor during buying pulp moulding machines. Choosing a manufacturer who provides installation services can reduce installation mistakes. And, you don’t need to worry about how to start the installation work anymore.

Installation time: 25 workdays (no dryer); 45 workdays (with dryer). Beston supplies online and site installation services for you. Choose what you like.

We have listed the main factors you need to consider when you buy the pulp moulding machine for sale. Maybe you would choose the machine from other aspects. Welcome to ask the pulp molding machinery price now.

Customers Buy Pulp Molding Machine
Customers Buy Pulp Molding Machine

CE and ISO Certificates of Beston Group

ISO9001 of Beston Group
ISO14001 Of Beston Group

In The End

Paper pulp moulding machine can bring you great benefits. Choose the plant from Beston that has abundant exporting and installation experience. If you need, we will arrange a professional engineer to help you to complete the installation. Meanwhile, we can customize the pulp molding machine for sale for you.


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