Production/Shipment of Pyrolysis Plant – High Appraisal from Kosovo

Warm congratulations to Beston Group! A set of BLJ-3 waste tire pyrolysis plant has been successfully shipped to Kosovo in 2023. Throughout the cooperation, the Kosovo customer gives a high appraisal to our excellent pyrolysis plant and perfect service. If you also have a keen interest in investing in pyrolysis projects or recycling waste tires, please continue reading.

BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Kosovo to Treat Waste Tires
BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Kosovo to Treat Waste Tires

High Appraisal from The Kosovo Customer

The Kosovo customer is exceedingly satisfied with the BLJ-3 skid-mounted pyrolysis plant provided by Beston Group. They plan to test the project’s feasibility with this small pyrolysis plant initially, and subsequently invest in larger pyrolysis plants.

High Appraisal from The Kosovo Customer

Project Details of BLJ-3 Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant in Kosovo

  • Model: BLJ-3 waste tire pyrolysis plant;
  • Capacity: 1-2 tons per day;
  • Raw materials: waste tires;
  • Source of raw material: self-provided tires;
  • End product and its use: fuel oil for self-use;
  • Additional accessories: cooling tower and vulnerable parts.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant In Kosovo

Reasons Why The Kosovo Customer Trusts Beston Group

The Kosovo customer has conducted extensive online research on various suppliers of pyrolysis plant. Finally, they are impressed by our products and service attitude. Here are the reasons why the Kosovo customer placed trust in our waste tire pyrolysis plant.

Trustworthy products: The Kosovo customer speaks highly of Beston’s professionalism. By watching the video, they have gained a deep understanding of the working principle of the BLJ-3 pyrolysis plant. And they are deeply impressed by the appearance and technology of the Beston tire pyrolysis plant. Additionally, the online factory inspection further deepens their trust in our products and strength.

Sincere service attitude: Beston Group’s project consultants always focus on customers, patiently and promptly to answer their questions. In this collaboration, we provide detailed answers to the Kosovo customer’s technical doubts through two video conferences. The Kosovo customer is moved by our sincere attitude, which deepens their cooperation intention.

Timely delivery: The BLJ-3 waste tire pyrolysis plant successfully completed production on March 3, 2023. It was then shipped from Qingdao port on March 10 and arrived at the Kosovo customer’s factory around May 6. Beston Group prides itself on delivering products within the agreed-upon timeframe, avoiding disruptions to our customers’ businesses. Timely delivery has always been a crucial commitment for us.

Shipment of BLJ-3 Waste Tire Pyrolysis-Plant to Kosovo

Delivery of Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant to Kosovo


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