Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

Maybe you would ask what is pyrolysis plant? It is a machine that is used to dispose of plastic, waste tire/rubber, and waste sludge into useful and valuable products: fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas. Obtaining fuel oil from waste plastic, tires is contributing to easing the world oil shortage situation. Meanwhile, this business can bring great economic value for the pyrolysis project investors. Therefore, a pyrolysis plant for sale is urgently needed. Welcome to contact Beston to get the latest price!

Pyrolysis Plant
Pyrolysis Plant

4 Valuable End Products From Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

Pyrolysis oil, carbon black, combustible gas, and steel wire are the end products from pyrolyzing tyres with waste tire pyrolysis plant. All of them have highly economic value and their own applications. For investors, you should take full advantage of their applications to get high economic value. Here, you can see the detailed applications:

Fuel Oil
Fuel Oil
Carbon Black
Carbon Black
Steel Wire
Steel Wire
1. Pyrolysis Oil

Can be sold directly.
Reprocessed into diesel and gasoline by waste oil distillation machine.
Can be used as industrial fuel materials for burning.

2. Carbon Black

Can be sold directly.
Reprocessed into high-quality carbon by the carbon black processing plant.
Make carbon brick with briquetting equipment.

3. Combustible Gas

Can be recycled as fuel to heat the reactor

4. Steel Wire (only tire)

Can be reprocessed or used to make steel and iron rod.

Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant To the World

Because of high oil yield and high standard dedusting system, Beston tyre recycling plant has been exported to many countries: Paraguay, Chile, the Philippines, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hungary, Indonesia, Romania, Korea, Turkey, Dominica, Uganda, Nigeria, Jordan, Netherlands, Canada, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, etc. The customers bought the pyrolysis oil plant to recycle waste tires, rubbers, plastic, and oil sludge. All the installed plants are running smoothly now. All customers are pleased with the one-stop service that we provide. If you are planning to recycle tires, feel free to contact Beston to get a competitive price and considerate service! Here, you can find the installation and delivery pictures:

BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant In Paraguay
BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant In Paraguay
Installing In UK
Installing In UK
BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant In Chile
BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant In Chile
BLJ-16 in the Philippines
BLJ-16 in the Philippines

BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant in Indonesia – Customer’s Feedback

5 Models of Pyrolysis Plants Available for You to Choose:

Because of different models, capacities, and particular configurations, the pyrolysis machine price is different. Therefore, if you want to know the detailed cost, it is better to contact us. Tell us your actual demand. Then, we will recommend the most appropriate machine and offer a reasonable price for you. Welcome to consult us to get the different quotation of batch, semi-automatic and continuous tyre pyrolysis plant now!

Pyrolysis Plant For Sale
Pyrolysis Plant For Sale
Item Details
Model BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLJ-16 BLL-20
Daily Capacity 6T 8T-10T 15-20T 20-24T
Working Method Batch Semi-Continuous Fully Continuous
Raw Materials Waste Plastic, Tyre, Rubber, Oil Sludge
Reactor Size D2.2*L6.0m D2.6*L6.6m D2.8*L7.1m D1.4*L11m
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Total Power 24kw/h 30kw/h 54kw/h 71.4kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 30*10*8m 30*10*8m 40*10*8m 45*25*10m
Operating Pressure Normal Pressure Constant Pressure
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Life span 5-8 Years

BLJ-3 Skid-Mounted Pyrolysis Plant

Recently, the skid-mounted pyrolysis plant is launched to meet more customers’ demands. It is a kind of newly designed moveable pyrolysis equipment. Because of mobility and modularity, it is suitable for the frequent transfer pyrolysis factory. If you want to move to a new location, you just need to disassemble and reassemble. It is very easy for you to operate. Do you have a special demand? If yes, choose the BLJ-3 now! It would bring you great convenience. Certainly, you need to notice that the capacity of BLJ-3 is 1-3t/d. And the capacity is different for different raw materials. Get the machine from the reliable brand manufacturer – Beston Company now!

BLJ-3 Skid-Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay
BLJ-3 Skid-Mounted Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay
Model BLJ-3
Capacity 1-3t/d

Plastic: ≤0.5t/d

Whole tyre: ≤2t/d

Rubber particles; ≤1t/d

Oil sludge: ≤3t/d

Size of reactor Φ1400*5000 (7.6m³)
Working method Batch
Structure type Horizontal/ tube condensation/ skid-mounted
Occupied area L11m*W2.2m*H2.4m

3 Unique Design of Beston Pyrolysis Machine

The patented waste pyrolysis plants of Beston have 3 unique and innovative designs. The 3 designs enable the machines to become the top-class machine on the market. With Beston pyrolysis plant for sale, you don’t need to worry about environmental certification and safety problems. Get 100% eco-friendly and 100% safe machines from Beston now!

Eco-friendly Design

  • No wastewater discharge: The heat exchange water of the condenser is separated from the oil and gas. There is no direct contact between oil and gas. When the water inside the water seal enters the combustion chamber, it can provide heat for the reaction furnace as fuel.
  • No exhaust gas emission: The excess condensed gas enters into a special exhaust chamber directly. It will not be discharged into the air.

Energy Saving Design

  • The oil and gas recovery system is designed to collect combustible gas. Then, use them to provide heat for the reactor. It would save the fuel cost greatly.
  • The heavy oil burner is designed for burning heavy oil to provide heat for heating the reactor. It greatly reduces fuel costs.

Safety Design

The pyrolysis oil equipment has multiple points to observe temperature, pressure, liquid level. When high temperature or high pressure appears, the alarm device will be ringing. Then, you can find the problem quickly and adjust them in time.
Newly Design Pyrolysis Machine With Two Reactor
Newly Design Pyrolysis Machine With Two Reactor

Why Choose Beston Pyrolysis Plants?

There are numerous pyrolysis machine manufacturers on the market. You may don’t know how to choose the right machine. Here, we would like to list some advantages of Beston products for you. After seeing the advantages, I believe you won’t hesitate to buy the machine from Beston anymore.

Various types and models: In order to satisfy all customers’ demands, we supply BLJ-3, BLJ-6, BLJ-10, BLJ-16, BLL-20 machines for you to choose. According to your capacity demand and factory area, we would recommend the most appropriate machine for you.

Strict quality control: We set the quality control department. All the parts of the machine should pass strict quality inspection. Therefore, all the plants of Beston have a long service life.

Continuous innovation and upgrading: High technology is the core competitiveness of products. Beston has paid more attention to product research and upgrading. Nowadays, it has completed several upgrades. And, it is remarkable among the competitors.

Competitive price: The pyrolysis plant for sale of Beston is priced on the basis of technology, quality, first-class materials, and the market. Thus, it is very reasonable. When you pick out the machine, don’t forget to focus on the quality of the machine. Quality and price are directly proportional to each other.

High oil yield: With newly design, the raw materials can be fully pyrolyzing. Therefore, the oil yield is promoting. At the same time, the oil quality is guaranteed. If you want to get diesel from pyrolysis oil, you can use the oil distillation machine to go on the further process.

Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Korea
Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Korea

About Beston Company – Reliable Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer

Beston Company is a reputable and well-established manufacturer. We supply kinds of waste recycling plants for you to choose. All the products of Beston have achieved the ISO, CE certificates. In order to help you to know more about Beston, we would like to share some information about Beston with you. Find them here:

8+ Years Manufacturing Experience

1000+ Workers and 50+ Engineers

20000㎡ factory space and 2400㎡ office area

Beston Commitments:

  • 100% new equipment
  • Products and services meet the requirement of the contract
  • Promise to ensure the equipment installation and commissioning

Beston Team

Beston One-stop Service For You:

Consultation service: 24/h online to provide consultation service for you. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions on the selection of machine, price, operation, quality, technology, etc.

Manufacturing and customize service: If you have special demand, tell us directly, we can customize the pyrolysis oil plant for sale on the basis of your needs.

Delivery service: When all the spare parts of the machine are completed, we would contact you to confirm the delivery time. Then, we would arrange the workers to deliver the equipment.

Installation & commissioning service: Online and site installation services are available for you to choose. Choose one of them according to your budget.

Training service: Beston supplies free training service for all customers. Beston engineers would teach the workers how to operate the equipment and how to do daily maintenance.

Tracking service: We would contact you to know the running condition on a regular phone or Whatsapp. If you have questions or suggestions, welcome to tell us. We always aim to provide top-class products and first-class service.

Spare Parts of Pyrolysis Machine For Sale:

As leading one of pyrolysis plant manufacturers, Beston guarantees all spare parts are well designed and tested thousands of times. All spare parts are of good quality and long life span. Here, we would give an introduction of some of the spare parts for you:

Dedusting System
Dedusting System
Pyrolysis Reactor
Pyrolysis Reactor

1. “Three in One” System:

It refers to the integrated system of condenser, hydroseal and oil tank. The system has many advantages:

  • small occupied area
  • operating safety
  • good condensation effect
  • simple assembly
  • easy maintenance
  • low transportation cost
  • non-clogging: it adopts thick pipeline

The unique “three in one” system of of pyrolysis unit has been proved and tested repeatedly. And it has received good feedback from many customers. What’s more, it becomes the main choice trend for customers.

2. Dedusting System

contains water washing, water spray, ceramic ring adsorption and activated carbon adsorption. Dedusting system of waste plastic and waste rubber pyrolysis plant adopts 5.5KW or 7.5KW high-power centrifugal fan with full pressure from 2002 to 2604Pa, which can effectively remove the dust generated by the reactor system and effectively avoid the dust from the reactor emission into the atmosphere. The atomizing tower adopts Bauer magnetic ring and spray device. And the effective height of the chimney is about 7 meters, ensuring that the smoke exhaust can reach the white atomized state and can meet the emission standard. In order to reach higher emission standard, activated carbon adsorption tower can be added according to customer demand.

3. Pyrolysis Reactor Design

A. The body and door plate of the pyrolysis reactor has 16mm thickness. Internal chasing has 12mm thickness. The 80mm thickness insulated cotton and strip thickness ensure a longer service life and better insulation effect.

B. Reactor of Beston adopts a large ring gear structure that is larger than other pyrolysis machine manufacturers. Also, the ring gear uses the ZG310-570 that guarantees endure toughness, high hardness, and wear resistance. Compared with sprocket transmission and belt transmission and other transmission modes, gear drive has superior stability, accuracy, easy installation, durability of service life, and easy maintenance.

4. Ball Valve

It adopts an uploading hemisphere eccentric ball valve that has the advantages of easy operation and rapid open-close operation. Inside the ball valve, it adopts a high sealing structure that has high sealing, corrosion-resistant, and heat-resistant (600℃). The material of our ball valve is mainly made of cast steel. These characteristics of our ball valve make it be greatly superior to the same industry pyrolysis equipment manufacturers using the common ball valve.

Besides the above unique spare parts, you can get more advanced small scale pyrolysis equipment spare parts from Beston. Want to know more, contact us now!

Pyrolysis Process of Pyrolysis Plant For Sale

1. Pre-treatment: generally, waste plastic and the waste tire should be crushed into small pieces with a tyre shredder to improve working efficiency.

2. Feeding: use a screw conveyor to pour pieces of waste plastic and waste tire into reactor. The feeding system can control the speed of the conveyor in the conveying process. What’s more, we equipment air seal machinery to avoid air entering the reactor.

3. High-temperature heating: MSW pyrolysis plant for sale of our factory adopts an indirect heating system to heat the reactor. When it reaches the corresponding temperature, the plastic and tire begin to pyrolysis and produce oil gas.

4. Cooling: it is used to condense the light oil gas into liquid oil. The condenser system is an important part of the pyrolysis system, which can fully cool oil gas to increase the oil yield.

5. Dedusting: Beston dedusting system has four steps to totally purity the exhaust gas. It contains water washing, water spray, and ceramic ring adsorption, and activated carbon adsorption. Therefore, our pyrolysis plant for sale can achieve no pollution emission. Dedusting is one of the comprehensive strength competition factors for pyrolysis plant suppliers.

6. Discharging: at the bottom of the pyrolysis reactor, we design the screw conveyor. We also design a recycling cooling system on the outside of the reactor to decrease the temperature of carbon black. Though the design, operation safety, and personal safety of workers can be guaranteed.

We list the pyrolysis process of the Beston pyrolysis plant China. If you still have questions, contact us directly. Our professional engineer will answer you detailedly. Get the pyrolysis plant cost here.

Pyrolysis Machine For Sale
Pyrolysis Machine For Sale

Significance Of Investing In Pyrolysis Machine For Sale

Recycling waste tire:

With the number of cars being used in the world today, more and more used tires are appearing in the dumping site. At present, waste tires are either buried or go up in smoke. The landfill is not for dealing with waste tires which is difficult for degradation. Burning tire produces a lot of smoke that pollutes the air. So, we can use a pyrolysis machine to handle waste tires in an eco-friendly way. Meanwhile, you can get fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire through pyrolyzing waste tires with waste tyre to oil plant. Ask the pyrolysis machine price now!

Pyrolyzing a large amount of waste plastic:

Ocean pollution is becoming a well-known phenomenon in coastal states. The main source of ocean pollution is plastic dumps. Tonnes of plastic waste annually and 20 percent –or half a million tonnes –of that leaks into the oceans. Lots of plastic is dumped that has a bad impact on the fragile ocean system. Therefore, how to turn these plastics into treasures is an important issue in the coastal states. With the plastic to oil machine, you can deal with plastic into fuel oil. Get a reasonable pyrolysis plant price here.

As mentioned above, we know that pyrolysis plants for sale are eco-friendly machines to recycle used plastics and tires. Pyrolyzing is the most effective way to solve the waste landfill problem. So as to build a healthy and good living environment, investing in pyrolysis projects are necessary for the world. Beston Company is looking forward to cooperating with more investors to build a better world. Meanwhile, we would try our best to help you to make a success. Contact Beston Company to start the significant pyrolyzing business now!

Recycle Tires into Fuel Oil
Recycle Tires into Fuel Oil


Beston Company is a professional one of pyrolysis plant manufacturers in China. We can supply high-quality and non-pollution pyrolysis plant for sale, charcoal machines, pellet making machines, and pulp egg tray machine for you. If you have a pyrolysis plant business plan, get the cost estimate from us. We will customize the pyrolysis plant project report according to your needs. We hope to establish deeper win-win cooperation with customers from all over the world.

Beston Products In the World
Beston Products In the World

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