Pyrolysis Reactor

Pyrolysis reactor is designed to recycle and reuse the waste maximumly to achieve a non-pollution and eco-friendly world. The pyrolysis reactor for sale of Beston can pyrolyze the waste plastic, rubber, tire, or oil sludge into fuel oil under a non-oxygen and high-temperature environment. It is a product of solving environmental pollution. We would like to share more aspects about it detailedly on this page. Go on to find them, now!

Pyrolysis Reactor of BLJ-16 to Process Oil Sludge
Pyrolysis Reactor of BLJ-16 to Process Oil Sludge

Two Types Of Beston Pyrolysis Reactor

As a professional manufacturer, we supply high-tech and high-quality pyrolysis reactors for all customers. There are two types of pyrolysis reactors: rotary, and non-rotary types. Here, we would like to compare the differences between them. And, we would list some features of them for your reference. Welcome to see more information about them.

Rotary Pyrolysis Reactor
Rotary Pyrolysis Reactor
Fixed and Non-rotary Pyrolysis Reactor
Fixed and Non-rotary Pyrolysis Reactor

Rotating pyrolysis reactor

In the production, the rotary reactor adopts a horizontal 360-degree rotation working mode that can make the reactor heat evenly. 360-degree rotation mode not only increases the service life but also improves the pyrolyzing speed of raw materials. Meanwhile, all raw materials can be heated evenly and totally. So, it greatly improves the oil output rate and saves oil production time. It is fit for a semi-continuous and small pyrolysis machine.

Applied for: BLJ-3, BLJ-6, BLJ-10, BLJ-16

Rotary reactor: It is rotating in the whole pyrolyzing time.

Fixed and non-rotary pyrolysis reactor

Fixed and irrotational pyrolysis reactor adopts U-shaped tubes inside and double helix structure. U-shaped tubes can accelerate the pyrolyzing speed that can greatly improve production efficiency. A double helix structure can save space greatly and ensure full reaction. The non-rotary pyrolysis reactor never stops working in all processes. It can achieve feeding and discharge at the same time. It is suitable for a continuous pyrolysis plant.

Applied for: BLL-30

Non-rotary reactor: It is fixed, and irrotational in the whole pyrolyzing process.

Model BLJ-3 Skid-mounted BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLJ-16 BLL-30
Daily Capacity 1.5-3T 6T 8-10T 12-16T 20-30T
Working Method Batch Batch Batch Semi-continuous Fully continuous
Reactor Type Rotary Rotary Rotary Rotary Non-rotary
Reactor Size D1.4m*L5m D2.2m*L6.0m D2.6m*L6.6m D2.8m*L7.1m D1.8m*L22m

Components of Beston Pyrolysis Reactor For Sale

Pyrolysis Reactor
Pyrolysis Reactor

Pyrolysis reactor

The pyrolysis reactor plays an important role in the whole pyrolysis process. With the high temperature rising, the tires and plastics can be pyrolyzed to produce fuel oil. It is made of Q245R that has high-temperature resistance. So, the reactor of the Beston pyrolysis plant has a long service life of 5-8 years.

Reactor door

In order to meet different raw materials and different feeding ways, Beston can customize the reactor door as your requirements. We supply customized services for all customers. Welcome to tell us your raw material.


It is the foundation for a pyrolysis reactor. The base adopts overall welding technology that can greatly save 10%-15% civil working time. When you get the pyrolysis reactor, you just need to place it in the right position. You don’t need to build the foundation for a reactor. Meanwhile, the design of the base can support the reactor with a roller well.


The casing is used to keep warm of the inner pyrolysis reactor. It is a good way to reduce heat loss. Thus, you don’t need to burn more fuel to heat the reactor. It is also an energy-saving design.

Advanced and Professional Pyrolysis Reactor Design

Most of the customers want to know the tyre pyrolysis reactor design. They are curious about why the reactor can be used to pyrolyze the plastic, tire, rubber, and oil sludge. Beston is an experienced manufacturer. From 2013 year, we had begun to focus on the design and manufacturing of the whole tyre recycling plant. Up to now, we have updated the design and manufacturing plan many times. It is a step forward in every upgrade. Now, we have unique designs and advanced technology to make sure to provide high-quality reactors for all customers. Welcome to read more about the special design of Beston pyrolysis reactors. You would be satisfied with all the safety, energy-saving, and high-performance designs.

Pyrolysis Reactor With Good Design

Pyrolysis Reactor for Sale With High Quality Material

Beston Pyrolysis Reactor Design

Pyrolysis Reactor Design
Support Roller Of Pyrolysis Reactor
Shaft of Pyrolysis Reactor
1. Adopting special boiler steel Q345R

The main reactor body, main reactor door, front and rear heads of the main reactor, and an inner sealing plate of the base are all made of the national standard special boiler steel Q345R to ensure the efficiency of heating conduction and the service life of the equipment.

2. Better insulation effect design

The thickness of the main reactor body and door is 16mm. The thickness of the inner spiral plate is 12mm. And the insulation cotton is made of aluminum silicate refractory fiber cotton with a thickness of 80mm. The thickness plate and insulation cotton ensure the pyrolysis reactor with longer service life and better insulation effect.

3. Special welding technology design

The main reactor adopts gouging double-sided and bilateral 80° grooves, welding wire pre-heating treatment, automatic submerged arc continuous welding technology. So the welding seam is more full and neat that effectively avoids some welding defects, such as bubbles, undercuts, slag inclusions, etc.

4. Ultrasonic flaw detection test design

In order to ensure the safety of customers, we would do the ultrasonic flaw detection tests of the main reactor body and front and end of sealing parts. The unqualified welds and products cannot flow into the finished product warehouse.

5. High-temperature resistance roller design

The support roller of the main reactor adopts a DTVY6314 special high-temperature resistance bearing. The reactor door adopts a 40Cr self-made bearing seat and connecting shaft as well as a high-temperature resistance roller. The high-temperature resistance roller can bear 800-1000℃ that greatly improves the service life of rotation.

6. Frequency conversion motor + frequency converter design

The main furnace motor adopts a frequency conversion motor + frequency converter. According to the actual working condition, the speed of the main furnace can be adjusted. The design shortens the pyrolyzing time to achieve the most sufficient pyrolyzing effect. It greatly improves production efficiency.

7. Big ring gear structure design

The tire pyrolysis reactor adopts a big ring gear structure. The ring gear adopts ZG310-570. It has durable toughness and high gear hardness and wears resistance. Compared with sprocket drive and belt drive and other transmission modes, the gear ring has more advantages, such as stability, precision, easy installation and maintenance, long service life, and so on.

8. Dynamic balance test design

So as to improve the service life of the reducer and the stability performance of the main pyrolysis chamber, we would do the strictly dynamic balance test inspection of the main reactor driving pulley. When it is in line with the dynamic balance technical requirements, it can be put into storage. It can effectively reduce the vibration of the main furnace machine, the unstable of power consumption, and the imbalance phenomenon of torque input.

Pyrolysis Reactor Price – C2M Price

Beston is a reliable pyrolysis plant manufacturer. We have a 20000m² factory and a 2400m²office. We are a factory in China. Therefore, you can get a C2M – factory price from Beston. The pyrolysis reactor cost can affect your purchasing determination. Buying it from a reliable factory can greatly your cost. Meanwhile, you also need to consider the quality of the reactor. A long service life reactor can save your investment cost. Therefore, you should pay attention to the quality and price at the same time. Do not buy a reactor with a price that is lower than the market. After all, good products are worthy of a reasonable price.

Beston has professional design, manufacturing, delivery, and installation teams. If you choose Beston, you can get the one-stop service. It is easy for you to start a pyrolyzing business with the help of Beston. Ready? Contact Beston right away!

16,000m² Beston factory
16,000m² Beston factory

Certificates of Beston Pyrolysis Reactor For Sale

Beston has achieved ISO and CE certificates for the vacuum pyrolysis reactor. All types of reactors of Beston have met the international production and safety standards. Therefore, you can rest assured to choose a tire pyrolysis plant from Beston. Here, we would like to share the authoritative certificates that we get with you.

ISO9001 of Beston Group
ISO14001 Of Beston Group

Raw Materials That Are Suitable For Pyrolyzing

At currently, pyrolysis reactors of Beston can be used to dispose of kinds of waste tyre, rubber, plastic, and oil sludge. You would get different end products from different raw materials. We have a mature manufacturing technique. All the mentioned raw materials can be pyrolyzed in an eco-friendly way. Meanwhile, the raw materials can be pyrolyzed in a maximum way. It is an absolutely profitable business. We have listed the different raw materials and end products for you here. Interested? See them now.

Used Tires
Used Tires
Waste Plastic
Waste Plastic
Oil Sludge From Oil Field
Oil Sludge From Oil Field

Waste tyre: fuel oil, carbon black, combustible gas, steel wire

Rubber: fuel oil, carbon black, combustible gas

Waste plastic: fuel oil, carbon black, combustible gas

Oil sludge: fuel oil, water, and sand


The pyrolysis reactor of Beston has a unique and special design. We promise 5-8 service life for all customers. Meanwhile, we guarantee 100% new machines for all customers. Whatever you want to know about the pyrolysis reactor for sale, welcome to contact us. We would give a professional reply to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you also can get all the auxiliary equipment of a tire to oil plant from Beston. Tell us what you need now.


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