Ship 4 Sets of BST-05 Pro Charcoal Making Machine to India

Well done! There is a new update regarding the shipping progress of the 4 sets of BST-05 Pro charcoal making machine ordered by the Indian customer. The first set of equipment departed on December 21, 2022, and arrived in India around January 10, 2023. We are pleased to inform you that the second, third, and fourth sets have also started shipping. You can keep reading to find out more details about the progress.

BST-05 Pro Charcoal Making Machine Delivered to India
BST-05 Pro Charcoal Making Machine Delivered to India

Information of BST-05 Pro Charcoal Making Machine In India

  • Location: India;
  • Model: BST-05 Pro mobile biochar machine;
  • Capacity: 150-200kg/h/set;
  • Raw materials: groundnut shell, cotton stalk, juliflora chips (size<2cm, moisture<15%);
  • End product use: fuel for own use.

BST-05 Pro Charcoal Machine in India

Cooperation Details with the Indian Customer

Installation guidance

To ensure a smooth installation process, we offer detailed installation guidance to the Indian customer. It includes the installation manual, FAQ manual, and precautions. In addition, we also manage to answer questions timely during the installation process.

Project testing

As part of our cooperation, we have conducted feasibility testing to ensure the successful operation of the project. The skid-mounted design allows for the machine’s easy assembly and disassembly, facilitating efficient problem identification and targeted solutions.

Answering questions

To solve the customers’ technical and operation-related questions, we have organized several video conferences. Our engineers actively answer the customer’s questions. This collaborative approach ensures that the Indian customer receives the necessary support and guidance to operate the charcoal machine effectively.

Testing feedback

After the project testing, we received positive feedback from the Indian customer, as shown below. We greatly appreciate positive feedback from the customer. It serves as a testament to the successful collaboration between our teams and the satisfaction of the customer.

Charcoal Making Machine to India
Biochar Machine for Sale to India

Reach Out to Us to Initiate Your Business

Through the aforementioned efforts, we have successfully established strong and fruitful partnerships with the Indian customer. If the case of our charcoal making machine sparks your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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