Ship BLL-16 Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant to Nigeria

Congratulations! A set of Beston BLL-16 oil sludge pyrolysis plant was shipped to Nigeria. We are glad to introduce the case to all customers. If you are interested in, please read more from the followings:

FAQs About Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant to Nigeria

1. How Does the Nigerian Customer Know Beston Pyrolysis Plant?

The Nigerian customer is a friend of Beston’s regular customer. Through the introduction of Beston’s regular customer, we get in touch with each other. Thanks for the trust of our regular customers. We would provide professional and perfect service for every customer.

2. What Are the Details of The Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant to Nigeria?

  • Model: BLL-16;
  • Daily capacity: 12-16T;
  • Working method: Fully continuous.

3. What Raw Materials Are Used For Making Fuel Oil?

The Nigerian customer plans to process oil sludge. Turning oil sludge into pyrolysis oil is a feasible, eco-friendly, and high profit recycling project.

4. What Are the End Products?

Pyrolysis oil, water, and sand are the main end products of pyrolyzing. Usually, the oil sludge contains 20%-50% oil and 40-80% water.

5. How About the Delivery?

  • Delivery time: March 31, 2022;
  • Estimated time: May 20, 2022;
  • Destination port: Onne.

6. How to Install the Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant In Nigeria?

Online installation guidance. We would give installation specifications and layout drawings for the Nigerian customer. Meanwhile, Beston would arrange for professional engineers to guide the customer to install the oil sludge pyrolysis plant through Whatsapp or other videos.

7. What’s the Nigerian Customer Impression For Beston?

Up to now, we have a good relationship with the Nigerian customer. From professional suggestions, timely delivery, and delivery video, the customer is satisfied with all that we do for his project. We believe he would also be one of Beston’s regular customers in the future. He would choose Beston Group again when he needs it.

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In the End

Oil sludge pyrolysis plant to Nigeria would bring high ROI for the customer. If you are planning to set up a pyrolysis plant, welcome to contact us to get the most suitable pyrolysis oil machine now!


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