Ship BST-50 Biochar Making Machine To Thailand – To Make BBQ

A new delivery case is coming! After 60 working days, we complete the production on time and ship BST-50 biochar making machine to Thailand as planned on April 5th. The goods shipped from Qingdao port are expected to arrive at the customer’s site on April 15th. For this biochar making project in Thailand, we will adopt an online installation + 7 days of on-site installation guidance from our engineers. Believe, this will ensure the smooth installation and operation of the equipment at the customer’s site. Welcome to look at more details of the case:

Loading BST-50 Biochar Making Machine To Thailand
Loading BST-50 Biochar Making Machine To Thailand

How Does The Thailand Customer Find Beston?

Today, with the development of the Internet, Google search has become a primary means for people to gather information and find products and services. The Thailand customer finds our BST-50+1 dryer information by entering relevant keywords – “biochar machine” in Google search and becomes interested in our project.

Details Of Biochar Making Machine In Thailand

  • Model: BST-50 + Dryer
  • Working method: fully continuous
  • Raw material: wood chips, rice husks, sugarcane leaves, and bamboo
  • End product: BBQ charcoal + fuel charcoal
  • Additional accessories: UPS and a third-stage water-cooling slag outlet

BST-50 To Thailand

Good Packaging Of BST-50 To Thailand
BST-50 To Thailand In Container

Reasons Why the Thailand Customer Want to Purchase Beston Product

The Thailand customer chooses to buy our biochar production equipment mainly because we provide comprehensive information and good services. In our communication with the customer, we have a detailed introduction of our product features, performance, and raw material sources, as well as professional technical consultation and after-sales services. The customer is impressed by our professionalism and service attitude, so they choose to purchase our products.

Solution That Beston Provides For the Thailand Customer

During our communication with the customer, he expresses concerns about the grinding performance of biomass charcoal. He hopes that the produced biomass charcoal has a good grinding performance. To address the customer’s concerns, we provided relevant technical materials and practical cases to let customers understand that biomass charcoal performs well in grinding performance, thereby eliminating the customers’ concerns.

In conclusion, Our commitment to providing comprehensive information and excellent customer service has gained the trust of customers. Through effective communication and timely resolution of customer concerns, we have better cooperation. If you are interested, feel free to contact Beston Group now!


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