Shipment of BST-50 Biochar Machine to Iran to Make Charcoal – Using for BBQ

An Iranian customer has ordered a set of BST-50 biochar machine from Beston Group to reuse waste to make barbecue charcoal. The production cycle of the equipment spans 45 working days, and the specific loading time for shipment lasts three days. The biochar machine is eventually shipped from the Tianjin Port. If you are also optimistic about the barbecue charcoal market, kindly proceed with your reading.

Shipment of BST-50 Biochar Machine to Iran
Shipment of BST-50 Biochar Machine to Iran

Project Details of BST-50 Biochar Machine in Iran

  • Model: BST-50 biochar machine with a dryer;
  • Capacity: 5 tons per hour;
  • Raw materials: greenhouse waste;
  • Source of raw material: from greenhouses;
  • End product use: charcoal for BBQ;
  • Additional accessories: briquette charcoal making machine (planned to purchase).
Carbonization Machine in Iran
Part of Dedusting System of Biochar Machine in Iran
Biochar Machine in Iran
Charcoal Kiln in Iran

Why The Iranian Customer Buy Biochar Machine

Iranians like barbecue very much. Kebab is the most common home dish in Iran. Barbecue (Kebab) is also regarded as one of the most popular food by Iranians, and even praised by tourists visiting Iran from all over the world. This dietary preference has created a huge market for barbecue charcoal in Iran. Seeing this opportunity, the Iranian customer orders the charcoal machine to make barbecue charcoal for profit.

What Makes The Iranian Customer Choose Beston Group

The Iranian customer finds Beston Group through Internet search. They finally choose us after comparing the products and services of various biochar machine suppliers.

Quick problem-solving attitude: In the communication, the Iranian customer wants to know the exact size of the biochar machine and the required area of the plant. We always adhere to the customer-centric corporate values. So our engineer has made a layout drawing for the Iranian customer as soon as possible. The layout drawing is based on their actual site. The Iranian customer has highly praised our quick problem-solving attitude.

Strong brand influence: During their online search for biochar machine suppliers, the Iranian customer discovers Beston Group’s official website and some related collaboration information. After thoroughly reviewing the product details and successful past collaboration cases showcased on our website, the Iranian customer has gained a deep understanding of the influence and credibility associated with the Beston brand.


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