Shipping Update: BST-50 Biochar Machine to Spain to Make Biochar

With the increasing global concern about climate change, more and more governments, organizations and individuals are actively seeking to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality goals. This trend has brought huge development opportunities for the carbon credit market. Recently, a Spanish customer has recognized the potential of the carbon credit market and ordered a set of BST-50 biomass machine from Beston Group, aiming to lay out the carbon credit market.

Biochar machine to Spain
Ship BST-50 Biochar Machine to Spain

Project Details of Biochar Machine in Spain

  • Model: BST-50 biochar machine with a dryer;
  • Capacity: 5 tons per hour;
  • Raw materials: olive wood;
  • Product requirements: high-quality biochar;
  • Product use: carbon credit&commercial sales;
  • Additional accessories: a condensing system to collect tar and wood vinegar.
BST-50 biomass pyrolysis machine to Spain
BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Machine to Spain

Shipment Arrangement of Biochar Machine in Spain

  • Production date: March 31, 2023;
  • Shipment date: June 11, 2023;
  • Expected time of arrival: two months later;
  • Port of shipment: Qingdao Port, China;
  • Installation form: on-site installation guidance.
Burner to Spain
Cone and bottom plate to Spain
Inner and outer cylinders to Spain
Component of biochar machine to Spain

What Can Beston Group Offer You?

Reliable products: The Spanish customer found us through extensive online searches and recommendations from our previous customers. After a comprehensive comparison of multiple biochar machine suppliers, the Spanish customer is more satisfied with our products. Finally, they chose Beston Group.

Favorable price: After comparing multiple biochar machine suppliers, the Spanish customer realizes that Beston Group’s pricing strategy in the industry is fair and attractive, and that Beston Group’s high-quality products with a reasonable price possess a high price-performance ratio.

Competitive technology: Due to the strict environmental requirements in Europe, the Spain customer requires that charcoal making machine must meet local European standards and the standards of the Puroearth carbon credit trading platform. Beston Group’s biomass carbonization technology has outstanding performance in environmental protection, which perfectly meets the needs of the Spanish customer.

Timely problem-solving service attitude: The Spain customer has given positive feedback on Beston Group’s customer-centric corporate values. They express that our project consultants are patient and responsible and can always solve their problems quickly and timely.


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