Straw Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Guizhou Province, China

Good news! Beston Company had installed a set of straw charcoal making machine in Guizhou province, China successfully. We arranged a professional engineer to guide the installation. After commissioning, the straw charcoal machine is working normally. Because it is an eco-friendly and recycling project, the local government visits the carbonization projects. Here, you can see the pictures:

Straw Charcoal Making Machine Installed in China
Straw Charcoal Making Machine Installed in China

Video of Straw Charcoal Making Machine in Guizhou Province, China

The straw charcoal making machine in Guizhou province, China is a kind of BST-10 machine. The capacity is 0.8-1 ton per hour. It is a fully continuous working machine. Therefore, it needs little labor and great saves labor costs for the customer. With the BST-10 machine in Guizhou province, tons of straw can be carbonized into charcoal. Prevesiuouly, the farmers would burn the straw directly. Burning straw is harmful to the atmosphere. BST-10 machine is a good method to solve the straw burning problem. Meanwhile, it is another way to improve the farmers’ income. The farmers can sell the straw to the carbonization project owner, not burning them.

Besides straw, the charcoal making machine also can be used to process kinds of biomass, such as wood, bamboo, coconut shell, palm shell, sawdust, rice husks, olive shell, peanut shell, sugarcane bagasse, etc. So, if you are interested in the carbonization project, welcome to contact Beston Company.


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