Successfully Installation Of Egg Tray and Coffee Tray Making Machine in Egypt

Good news! In Egypt, Beston Group has installed a BTF5-8 pulp molding machine successfully. The customer plans to make paper egg trays and coffee trays. The project significant stride toward sustainable packaging solutions. Pulp molding packaging products are an eco-friendly alternative and boost the local economy. Welcome to know more about the sustainable projects.

BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Machine in Egypt In 2024
BTF5-8 Pulp Molding Machine in Egypt In 2024

Introduction to the Pulp Molding Machine Project in Egypt

  • Machine Model: BTF5-8 pulp molding machine;
  • Output: 5000-6000 pieces/h;
  • Drying Method: multi-layer metal drying;
  • Equipment Production Cycle: 2 months;
  • Inspection Method: customer on-site inspection;
  • Additional Accessory: customized mold, forming machine;
  • End Product: coffee cup tray, egg tray;
  • Raw Material: waste paper;
  • Shipping Time: September 2023;
  • Installation Method: On-site installation guidance.

Video Of Egg Tray Making Machine In Egypt

Exploring the Development Prospect Of Paper Packaging Products In Egypt

In recent years, the global packaging industry has witnessed a significant shift towards sustainability, with paper emerging as a frontrunner in eco-friendly packaging solutions. In Egypt, paper packaging industry is also increasing. Here, we list the factors that promise a bright future for the industry.

1. Environmental Concerns: With growing awareness about the harmful effects of plastic pollution on the environment, consumers and businesses alike are seeking alternatives that are biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable. Paper packaging products, derived from sustainable forestry practices, offer a viable solution. So, paper packaging products are increasingly popular among environmentally conscious consumers.

2. Regulatory Initiatives: More and more governments around the world have promulgated the ban on free plastic bags. In Egypt, the government also makes efforts to reduce plastic pollution through a limitation of single plastic use. Investing in the paper packaging industry complies with government policy. Therefore, egg tray making machine is becoming more and more promising.

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The implementation of the pulp molding project has generated employment opportunities, empowering local communities and fostering economic growth. What’s more, embracing eco-friendly packaging solutions can mitigate environmental degradation. If you are seeking substitute goods for plastic packaging, please contact Beston Group to get a solution.


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