The Maintenance of Paper Egg Tray Making Machine in Hot Season

We have our own way of keeping good health. The machine is no exception. We should pay attention to the maintenance of machine so that they can work well and the production volume and profit can be guaranteed.

Hot environment will bring some troubles to the use of engineering machinery. For example, high temperature will lead to the decline of viscosity of lubricating oil. Accordingly, the lubricity and the power will be lowered. At the same time, the internal components are easily worn. Therefore, we must do the maintenance work well in hot season.

Maintenance of Egg Tray Making Machine
Maintenance of Egg Tray Making Machine

A comprehensive maintenance to the engineering machine is necessary in hot season. We should replace the three filters and oil. The rubber belt should be replaced or adjusted. We should also check whether the fan, water pump, generator and the performance of compressor is reliable. For the paper egg tray forming machine which works in high-temperature area, we should improve the viscosity grade of machine oil. At the same time, we should check whether the cooling system and fuel system is unobstructed. The aged wire, plug and rubber pipe should be replaced. We should check and fasten the fuel pipe to avoid the oil leakage. Clean the oil contamination and dust to guarantee good heat dissipation.

The above is the maintenance tips of paper egg tray making machine. Hope to be helpful to you!


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