Tyre Pyrolysis Project Is Running Smoothly in Paraguay

Delightful news! A sustainable tyre pyrolysis project is running smoothly in Paraguay. The project is processing scrap tires into oil by pyrolysis technology. It makes a step towards environmental sustainability and economic development in Paraguay. Beston Group is the tyre pyrolysis machine supplier. We are glad to share detailed information with you here:

BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay In 2023
BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Plant to Paraguay In 2023

Information Of Tyre Pyrolysis Project In Paraguay

  • Model/Capacity: BLJ-3 skid-mounted pyrolysis plant, 1-3 tons/day;
  • Raw materials: waste tires;
  • Source of raw materials: local procurement;
  • End product: high-quality pyrolysis oil;
  • Product use: for sale;
  • Delivery time: from Qingdao port in July;
  • Estimated arrival time: mid-August, 2023;
  • Installation method: online guide installation.

2 Main Points to Impress the Paraguayan Customer

The customer is satisfied with the cooperation with Beston Group. In the whole process, there are two points to impress the Paraguayan customer. Here, I will list the points:

  • Participate the installation site in Paraguayan: Before this project, we had installed pyrolysis projects in Paraguayan. The customer had taken part in the installation. He witnessed the Beston products and services. So, he has no hesitation in contacting us when he decides to start a tire pyrolysis project.
  • Timely solving project application: In Paraguayan, it is required to complete the project application before payment. Then, the customer needs to submit the related documents from the environmental protection department to the customs for filing. After that, the bank can process the payment. When the customer informs us, we assist the customer in preparing the needed documents. It greatly saves the preparation time.
Ship BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Reactor To Paraguay
Ship BLJ-3 Pyrolysis Reactor To Paraguay

Delivery of Tyre Pyrolysis Machine To Paraguay
Delivery of Tyre Pyrolysis Machine To Paraguay

Contact Beston Group To Start Tyre Pyrolysis Project

The tyre pyrolysis plant in Paraguay not only helps reduce environmental pollution but also generates job opportunities and contributes significantly to the economy. If you are looking for effective tyre recycling solutions, welcome to get to know the tire pyrolysis project.


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