Tyre Shredder

If you are running a tyre recycling business, you may need to process the whole rigid tyre into small pieces. Tyre shredder is a very fittable machine for you. It can process the large tyre and rubber into chips or rubber powder. It is needed in the tyre pre-treatment process. With it, it would greatly reduce the tyre process time. Meanwhile, a tire shredder can separate the rubber, steel wire and fibre at one time. Want to make full use of tyres, get the high functional machine from Beston now!

Tyre Shredder
Tyre Shredder

What Can You Get With Tyre Shredder?

Rubber chips: below 50mm

Rubber powder: 30-200 mesh

Tyre Chips
Tyre Chips
Tyre Powder
Tyre Powder

What Can You Do With Tyre Chips and Tyre Powder?

As mentioned above, we know that we can get small tyre chips and powder with the tyre shredding machine. After that, what can you do with them? And how can we obtain economic value from them? Here, Beston Company would like to share their wide applications with you. Hope you all make great benefits from the tyre recycling business.

Pyrolysis Oil
Make Pyrolysis Oil
Rubber Runway
Rubber Runway
Rubber Modified Asphalt
Rubber Modified Asphalt

Tyre Chips Usages:

  • As one of the materials to build roads;
  • Pyrolyzing tyre chips into fuel oil with Beston pyrolysis plant for sale;
  • Fuel: Co-combustion with other fuels in the manufacture of cement and lime products;
  • Asphalt laying – roads, playgrounds, athletic fields and tracks;
  • Shoes, bags, belts, furniture, flooring;
  • Projects within the civil engineering and construction industry.

Tyre Powder Usages:

  • Can be used to make asphalt with asphalt, asphalt oil;
  • Can be the raw materials for some low-end products: various kinds of pads, fender, damping materials, etc.
  • Can be used to pave the road;
  • Make shoe sole (adding a certain percentage of rubber powder).

It is a waste of resources if you don’t recycle waste tyres. Through recycling and reuse, the used tyres can be alternative products for various substances. Meanwhile, the processed tyre chips and powder are easier to sell. You would make high profits from recycling tyres. The landfill is not a good way to dispose of waste tyres. In order to reduce the pollution to the environment, contact Beston Company to find the most effective machines, such as tire shredding machine, continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, etc.

Tyre Shredder for Sale – Choose What You Need

Tyre Shredder Machine for Sale
Tyre Shredder Machine for Sale
Tire Shredding Machine
Model 900 1200
Capacity 1-3 t/h 2.5-5 t/h
Feed size ≦900mm ≦1200mm
Output size 50*50mm 50*50mm
Motor power (20*2+1.5+0.5)kw (45*2+3)kw
Splindle rate 16turn/min 12turn/min
Dimensions 2000*2500*2800mm 4000*3400*3700mm
Weight 6.8ton 18ton

Cases Of Beston Tyre Shredder Machine

Tyre Shredder Machine to Spain
Tyre Shredder Machine to Spain
Tyre Cutter Machine to Egypt
Tyre Cutter Machine to Egypt
Tire Shredder Machine to Nigeria
Tire Shredder Machine to Nigeria

Video on Tire Shredder for Sale

Tyre Shredding Machine for Sale – Crashe Into Tyre Chips

Make Rubber Powder With Tire Shredding Machine for Sale

Powder Making Process:
  • Cutting tire sidewall
  • Removing steel wire
  • Comprehensive shredding (60*60mm tire block)
  • Rubber power producing
  • Screening
  • Magnetic separation
  • 5-30 mesh powder come out

Working Process of Tire Shredder Machine for Sale

Process of Tyre to Chips or Powder
Process of Tyre to Chips or Powder

How to Find Suitable Tyre Shredder Machine for Sale

Buy from a brand manufacturer

As we all know, a reliable and trusted manufacturer can supply high-quality tire shredding equipment to you. When you plan to buy the machine, you need to make a deeper comprehension of a company. Like Beston, all products have achieved ISO and CE certificates. So, the products from Beston (bestoncompany.com) are guaranteed for long service life and high performance. Feel free to pick what you need from Beston Company.

Confirm investment cost

All projects need a sum of money as the investment cost. For investing in a rubber shredder machine, it is the same situation. You need to know the basic cost to start the project. Also, you can get information from tyre shredder manufacturers. Then, you can begin to prepare the money for setting up the machine.

Confirm model

Before quotation, you should have a clear understanding of the model and capacity of the waste tyre shredding machine. Therefore, find a suitable model on the basis of your processing demand. Then, leave a message about the model that you choose to Beston. We would give the accurate tyre shredding machine price for you as soon as possible.

High Quality Tire Shredding Machine
High Quality Tire Shredding Machine

Beston Services for Waste Tire Shredding Machine

Consultation service

We are 24 hours online. We are looking forward to receiving your quotation and questions. We are ready to provide solutions for your projects. So, hurry up to leave your questions if you need help from Beston.

Manufacturing service

Beston 1000+ skillful workers are preparing to make top-class tyre shredding equipment for you. We can provide you the machine during the delivery period. Meanwhile, the quality is in control. All the manufacturing processes receive a strict inspection by quality control personnel.

Installation service

Good and reasonable installation of shredding machine and waste tyre pyrolysis plant can make sure the smooth running. Beston supplies online installation service and site installation service for you. You can choose what you need.

Training service

Beston supplies a free training service for you. After installation, we can teach your workers about how to operate the tire shredders for sale. If you have any questions during operating, welcome to contact Beston. We would provide video guidance for you in time.

Beston After-sales Team
Beston After-sales Team

Tyre shredder of Beston Company is a high-performance machine to recycle used tyres. The processed tyre chips and powder makes storage easier. And they can be packed in bags to save storage space. Most importantly, tyre chips and powder have large market demand. If you want to make high profits, the tyre recycling project is absolutely a good investment business. Also, you can find oil distillation plant from Beston.


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