What is Egg Tray/Carton Made of?

What is egg tray/carton made of ? When you are planing to make egg trays and egg cartons, you may want to confirm the egg tray raw material. As professional egg tray machine manufacturer, we would like to list them for you here:

  • waste paper;
  • cardboard;
  • carton;
  • waste newspaper;
  • paper box;
  • waste book paper.
Waste Paper To Egg Trays and Cartons
Waste Paper To Egg Trays and Cartons

Advantages of Waste Paper As Raw Material

Nature has given the egg a natural package which is the shell. Despite its relative strength, the egg is an extremely fragile product. Serious losses can result from shell damage during transportation. Economical marketing generally requires that eggs be protected by specialized packaging. Packaging is an important component in delivering quality eggs to buyers. It embraces both the art and science of preparing products for storage, transportation and eventually sale. Therefore, paper egg trays are becoming more and more popular in our daily life. But why we choose wastepaper as material of egg trays and what is it advantage? Today, I’d like to talk about it.

Firstly, it has wide range of sources. Lots of waste paper can be used to make egg trays and egg cartons, such as cardboard, paper cartons, the waste white side of paper, etc.

Secondly, the production processes of the pulping, molding and drying and packaging are environmentally friendly.

Thirdly, it can be recycled to make new all kinds of paper trays. While, plastic is different to degrading that is harmful to the earth.

Fourth, it has less volume ratio than plastic foam which can be overlapped. So, it is convenient for storage and transportation.

Fifth, the raw material is cheap, eco-friendly and safe. Cheap raw material can save lots of your investment cost.

Sixth, it can be used to make fruit tray, lunch boxes, tableware, and more to do industrial cushion packaging. Its development is very quick.

From the above, the question on what are egg trays/cartons made of is clearly described. Also, we can see that choosing waste paper as raw material has many advantages. So, it is wise to invest a paper egg crate making machine. Through small investment, you can gain great benefits. Besides, the products produced by the machine is environmentally friendly. Therefore, the egg tray making machine has a wide market prospect. It deserves your investment!


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