Egg Tray Machines to Egypt

Two Sets Of Egg Tray Machines To Egypt

Congratulations! Two sets of egg tray machines were delivered to Egypt. During delivery, we have professional shipping team to arrange the shipping matters. Therefore, the machine was in good condition when arriving in Egypt. Some delivery pictures you can see … Read more

Egg Tray Machine Installed In India

Egg Tray Machine Installed In India

Congratulations! A set of egg tray making machine was installed in India successfully. From manufacturing to installation, we all finished them on schedule. Therefore, Indian customer praised our work. Here are some pictures to show: When the Indian customer searched … Read more

Egg Tray Machines Installed In Dominica

Two Sets of Egg Tray Machines Installed In Dominica

Congratulations! Two sets of egg tray machines were installed in Dominica successfully! The Dominica customer purchased two sets of egg tray making machines from Beston: 2500pcs and 6000-7000pcs per hour. According to the appointed time, we complete the manufacturing, delivery … Read more

Chile Customers Want to Buy Our Egg Tray Machine

From August 10 to August 14, Chile Customers came to China and visited the office and factory of Beston. As we all know, plastic is not easy for disposing of and degradation. With the development of society and the enhancement … Read more

Indian Customer Visited We Beston in July

On July 30th and 31st, 2018, the customer- Mr. Pradeep, who comes from India, visited Beston factory. During this visiting, we mainly talked about the egg tray production line and kraft paper production line. He was planning to establish the … Read more

Senegal Customer

Customer from Senegal Visited Our Factory and Paid the deposit

In December, Customer from Senegal visited us and bought Beston egg tray making machine with capacity of 5000 pieces per hour.

Customer of Algeria Visit Our Factory

Customer of Algeria Visited Us in June, 2016

Customer of Algeria visited our factory in May, 2016. He was really interested in our egg tray machine for sale. Finally, we established cooperative relationship. As an experienced manufacturer, our equipment has the advantage stable performance and easy maintenance.We are … Read more

Engineer Installing in South Africa

Engineer Installing in South Africa

Our paper egg tray plant for sale has been exported to South Africa. We arranged our engineer to help install.Our customers have established good relationship with us. What’s more, we have received good reputation due to the good quality and … Read more

Customer of Algeria

Customer of Algeria

Customer from Algeria visited our factory in September, 2015. They visited our Designing Department and workshop. They are very interested in our equipment.After visiting,they spoke highly of our company. As experienced manufacturer and exporter of egg tray making machine, we … Read more

Philippines Customer Paid the Deposit

Philippines Customer Purchased 1500pcs Egg Tray Machine

Congratulations! The Philippines customer purchased the 1500pcs egg tray machine from Beston. After visiting our factory and egg tray manufacturing site, he decided to pay the deposit. At first, he didn’t know how to make paper egg trays. Through the … Read more