How to Maintain the Paper Egg Tray Making Machine?

Paper Egg Tray Making Machine to Cote dIvoire

Paper egg carton making machine needs regular maintenance after using. Reasonable and scientific maintenance methods can reduce the energy consumption and prolong the service life of mechanical, which is very important for the machine. The four requirements of the maintenance of paper egg tray making machine: 1. Tidiness: tool, workpiece and accessory should be placed … Read more

The Description of Production Process of Egg Tray

Flow Chart

Water paper is put into hydrapulper to beat pulp around 4% consistency, pulp through virbrating screen and refiner becomes cleaned & refined, then diluted and agitated in civil works pool. Waterproof agent like AKD or rosin wax/aluminium Sulpahte, coloring diestuff may be added if required. At this stage the working pulp is to be diluted … Read more

Pulp Moulding Production Line

BTF-1-4 Pulp Molding Machine In the Philippines

Product Description Our company manufactures various models and types of Machines, Equipment, Spare Parts needed mainly to manufacture Paper Pulp moulded products generally made from Waste Boxes, Papers, Indian Pulp, Taiwan Pulp, Korean Pulp, Canada Pulp, China Pulp, Thailand Pulp, Indonesia Pulp, Southern Pulp etc, most of the Paper & Paper based Paper Waste can … Read more

The Function and Advantage of Egg Trays

Raising chicken is one of the programs which make farmers get rich. In every village, you will find a chicken farm no matter large or small. While a comprehensive chicken farm needs these equipment: heating equipment, ventilation equipment, water supply equipment and so on. Of course, egg tray making machine is necessary. As we all … Read more

Is Pyrolysis Plant Profitable

Is pyrolysis plant profitable? For most investors, they may ask the same question. As professional manufacturer, Beston can give you the positive answer: yes. Here, we would like to share the information with you. Direct Economic Benefits: Investing pyrolysis plant is profitable. Through pyrolyzing used tyres and plastics with the plant, you can get fuel … Read more